Gold Rate in Dubai

Check out the updated Gold Rate in Gold Rate in Dubai today 7th April 2021 along with indian rupees. Today Gold Rate in Dubai is Rs.3,846 less than today gold price in India. Today Gold Rate in Dubai for 24 Karot is 2,110.00 Dirham per 10 grams. Coming to the Today Gold Rate in Dubai for 22 Karot is 1,982.50 per 10 grams. 

24 Karat Gold Price in Dubai

Weight Gold Price in Dirham (AED) Converted to Indian Rupees (INR)
Ounce 6,562.83 AED ₹130,466.64
1 Gram 211.00 AED ₹4,194.60
2 Grams 422.00 AED ₹8,389.20
5 Grams 1,055.00 AED ₹20,973.00
10 Grams 2,110.00 AED ₹41,946.00

22 Karat Gold Price in Dubai

Weight Gold Price in Dirham (AED) Converted to Indian Rupees (INR)
Ounce 6,166.26 AED ₹122,585.02
1 Gram 198.25 AED ₹3,941.20
2 Grams 396.50 AED ₹7,882.40
5 Grams 991.25 AED ₹19,706.00
10 Grams 1,982.50 AED ₹39,412.00

24 Karat Gold Price in Dubai in Indian Rupees

Weight Gold Price in Dirham (AED)
Ounce 130,466.64 INR
1 Gram 4,194.60 INR
2 Grams 8,389.20 INR
5 Grams 20,973.00 INR
10 Grams 41,946 INR

22 Karat Gold Price in Dubai in Indian Rupees

Weight Gold Price in Dirham (AED)
Ounce 122,585.02 INR
1 Gram 3,941.20 INR
2 Grams 7,882.40 INR
5 Grams 19,706.00 INR
10 Grams 39,412 INR

Is Gold Cheap in Dubai?

Dubai has maintained its free trade policy, so any gold that arrives in Dubai is duty-free. Only when re-exporting to such countries, such as India, does one have to pay tax. While the imposition of sales tax has taken some of the lustre off Dubai Gold in recent years, the emirate-city has managed to maintain some of its old charm. In 2020, the gap in gold prices between Mumbai and Dubai will be a whopping 20%, resulting in a slew of smuggling incidents. As a result, the Indian government has imposed a number of controls, including customs duty.

When to Buy Gold?

Gold is in high demand all year, and the Dubai Souk is the most cost-effective choice for gold buyers. The Gold Souk is said to have over 400 shops, each selling one-of-a-kind necklaces, pendants, earrings, bangles, and bracelets. It’s a good idea to ask about the hallmarking certificates and the bill. When it comes to purchases, bear in mind that some jewellers might charge you a fee for using your credit card. Apart from the Deira Souk, jewellers can be found on Al Mia Road (Al Raffah) and the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park on Sheikh Zayek Road in Al Quoz. Despite the fact that the three locations are all within a short distance of each other, it is best to schedule your trip ahead of time. 

How to Buy Gold in Dubai?

The first step is to know the gold price – Gold, like stocks, fluctuates in price on a regular basis. As a consequence, understanding how much it sells for on the open market is only wise. This is possibly the important one to know before buying gold in Deira Gold Souk, aside from your knowledge of gold. You can haggle with vendors if you know the market price.

Then you should know the types of gold – Gold is measured in Karats and sold by weight. The higher the Karat amount, the more pure the gold. A 24 Karat gold piece is 100 percent pure gold. Since gold is a soft metal, it is hardened by combining it with other metals including silver, zinc, copper, and nickel.

Selecte the type of jewellery – If you’ve settled on a style of accessory, such as a ring, bracelet, necklace, earring, or gold chain, inquire about the Karat and weight. Your chosen pieces will be weighed by the attendants.

History of Gold Price in Dubai

06/04/2021, AM AED 197.50 AED 210.25
05/04/2021, AM AED 196.25 AED 208.75
04/04/2021, AM AED 197.00 AED 209.75
03/04/2021, AM AED 197.00 AED 209.75
02/04/2021, AM AED 197.00 AED 209.75
01/04/2021, AM AED 195.25 AED 207.75

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