Augury is a Novel Microarchitectural Attack Affecting Apple Silicon 

Augury is a Novel Microarchitectural Attack Affecting Apple Silicon : Augury is an exploit described by researchers from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, the University of Washington, and Tel Aviv University that leaks data at rest on contemporary Apple processors, notably the A14 and M1 families.

Augury may be the first of a new class of attacks that leak data while it is still in memory, before it reaches the processor core. This creates a fundamentally different scenario than the one we’ve seen with side-channel vulnerabilities, which might expose data in use, i.e. data accessed and transferred in an unsafe manner.

Special microarchitectural optimizations like silent stores, cache compression, and data memory-dependent prefetchers, according to the researchers, can lead to data leakage at rest (DMP). Data-at-rest attacks, they claim, have only been a theoretical possibility until now. Augury appears to be the first to show that such exploits, specifically employing DMP, are possible in the field.

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Augury is a Novel Microarchitectural Attack Affecting Apple Silicon

In truth, Apple’s M1, M1 Max, M1 Pro, and A14 processors all include an Array-of-Pointers prefetcher, which is used to prefetch the result of dereferencing those pointers before they’re used. This approach can dereference memory addresses that are outside of the array’s bounds.

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