How to Track Mobile Number Location?

Knowing How to Track Mobile Number Location can be a savior to you sometimes. If your mobile has lost or somebody has stolen it, then you can find your lost or stolen Mobile Phone using various methods like IMEI Number Tracking, GPS, Google Maps, etc. For this, you must know How to Track a Mobile Number.

How to Track Lost Mobile with an IMEI Number?

To know How to Track Lost Number using IMEI Number you must know What is IMEI Number and How to Get it?

●      Call *#06*# from your respective device to get the IMEI Number of your phone.

●      On your respective device go to the Settings and then in the About Phone section of your mobile phone.

●      IMEI Number is written in the Mobile Phone Box Case.

How to Track a Phone Number Location using IMEI Number?

To Track a Cell Phone Location by Number of the IMEI follow these steps:

●      First, install ‘IMEI Tracker’s or Antitheft App & IMEI Tracker All Phone Location’ on your respective device.

●      Open the application and give all the permissions to these apps on your devices.

●      Type your Phone’s IMEI Number and click on the Track option available on your device. The app will provide you with the nearby location of your lost or stolen Device.

Other Method:

You can also lodge a Police Complaint about your lost or stolen phone. They will use an IMEI Number to track your mobile phone.

How to Track Mobile Number Location Using GPS?

To Know How to Track a Cell Phone Number on Google Maps follow these steps:

●      Open and Join your Google Contact ID with the main user.

●      Open the Google Maps on the device you want to track.

●      Click on the Location Sharing option available on the main menu of the app.

●      Find and click on the Add People option on the app.

●      Then, you have to click on the Select People Option and you have to find your account and have to click on it.

●      Now, click on the Share Now option in the application of your phone.

How to Track a Mobile Number Location Live?

How to Track Mobile Location by Mobile Number in India? Though these methods are not cent percent accurate, they will tell you the nearby tower area of the mobile number. For this, you have to type in Phone Number and Find a location free. There are various websites on Google that allow you to type in Phone Number and Find Location and they will directly give you the details about the Mobile Phone Number location.

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