What is Careplix Vitals App?

As Covid-19 cases are increasing day by day, it is better to take precautions early to save some lives. So CareNow Healthcare has lanunced an app called Careplix Vitals App which is used to check heart rate, oxygen, Saturation and Respiration rate directly from patients smartphone. This Careplix Vitals App uses photoplethysmography technique along with AI to determine volumetric change in blood  circulation. If you are searching for Careplix Vitals App download then get the complete information here.

Careplix Vitals App Download

People who want to check their heart rate, oxygen, Saturation and Respiration rate can use Careplix Vitals App. According to the clinical certification, the app is 98% accurate. There is a subscription fee for the Careplix Vitals App users.

Download the careplex vitals app from App Store. The developers of the app are planning to develop the features like detailed reporting of the vitals and PPG graph and also on-demand consultation with their in-house physicians. People can also visit the careplex vitals websit to know more about the app. 

Careplex Vitals Website

The download and to know more information about the app visit Careplex Vitals Website You can get the complete guide about the Careplix Vitals App Download and to use the app you need to do three things. First sign up, start vitals scan and get vitals reading. 

How does the Careplix Vitals App Work?

Many of us might not know how does the Careplix Vitals App Work. Its simple, just place your finger on the rear camera then cover the camera and flash light. Now start your scan and wait till the vitals are captured.

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