Gold Price in Bangladesh Today (27th January 2021) Per Vori 2021

Get to know the Gold Price In Bangladesh Today Per Vori 2021 along with other details on 22k Gold Price In Bangladesh Per Vori, Bd Gold Price Today for 24k Gold, etc. Gold is a metal that is primarily used for ornaments because of its properties of ductility and malleability. These Properties make it easier for jewellers to create ornaments easily. Ornaments have always been something that women enjoyed. Though women in general enjoy and cherish ornaments women in the east especially in Asian countries have had a keen eye for gold ornaments. This is because of the customs and practises that exist in these countries that require women to wear and be in possession of such ornaments. The interest these women have in ornaments particularly gold propel them towards checking gold price in Bangladesh today per vori 2021 and present gold price in Bangladesh. Gold is an extremely variable ornament that has a number of properties that work in favour of this metal becoming an ornament two of which were stated earlier. Listed below is todays gold price in Bangladesh per vori.

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1 Vori Gold Price in Bangladesh 2021 Today

No. Title Price in Bangladesh Currency Taka
1 22 Carat Gold (Cadmium) Per Gram 6230 BDT
2 21 Carat Gold (Cadmium) Per Gram 5960 BDT
3 18 Carat Gold (Cadmium) Per Gram 5210 BDT
4 Traditional Method Gold Per Gram 4325 BDT
5 22 Carat Silver (Cadmium) Per Gram 130 BDT
6 21 Carat Silver (Cadmium) Per Gram 123 BDT
7 18 Carat Silver (Cadmium) Per Gram 105 BDT
8 Traditional Method Silver Per Gram 80 BDT

22k Gold Price in Bangladesh Per Vori

Gold is also known for its ability to be mixed with other metals. The extent to which gold is mixed with other metals decides the quality of gold it is and its karat. For instance 24k is the purest form of gold because it is 99% pure whereas 22k is only 91% pure because this gold has 22 parts gold and 2 parts other metals like silver and zinc while 18k on the other hand has 18 parts gold and 6 parts other metals. The lesser the gold in it the lesser the price. One of the most commonly bought types of gold in Bangladesh is the 22k gold because of the neutrality it offers. The 22k gold is neither too pure that the customers cannot afford it nor is it on the lower level where customers feel that the ornaments do not have enough gold in it. The general belief is that the price of Gold is the same across the country but there might change from place to place according to the economic condition of that respective place. One of the most searched items when it comes to gold vori price in Bangladesh and gold price in bd today is the 22k gold price in Bangladesh today. Vori is a unit of measurement just like gram that is commonly used in Bangladesh to measure gold. 1 Vore = 11.66 Grams. Given below is a list of 22 karat gold price in Bangladesh for different grams and at different places. 

Bangladesh Gold Price Per Vori For 22k Gold – 53398.25 BDT

Weight  Gold Price in Bangladesh Currency Taka
1 Ounce 142,441.79 BDT
1 Gram  4,579.61 BDT
2 Gram 9,159.22 BDT
5 Gram 22,898.05 BDT
10 Gram 45,796.10 BDT
1 Vori 53398.25 BDT

Bd Gold Price Today for 24k Gold

Despite 22k gold being the most commonly used and searched there are people who prefer using the 24k gold. Among the searches for todays gold price in Bangladesh per vori 24 k gold price in bd today can also be found as often searched.

Gold Price In Bd Today Per Vori For 24K – 58252.6604 BDT

Weight  Gold Price in Bangladesh Currency Taka
1 Ounce 155,391.10 BDT
1 Gram  4,995.94 BDT
2 Gram 9,991.88 BDT
5 Gram 24,979.70 BDT
10 Gram 49,959.40 BDT
1 Vori 58252.66 BDT

Gold Price Today Dhaka

As stated earlier the gold price in bd today will sometimes differ depending on the place. This change can be observed especially in major cities in the country. Dhaka, the capital of the country is one place where this change can very clearly be observed. Given below are the gold prices today in Dhaka for 22k.

Gold Price Today Dhaka

Weight Price of Gold in Dhaka in Indian Rupees
1 Gram  4,706.00
4 Gram 18,824.00
8 Gram 37,648.00
10 Gram 47,060.00

Todays Gold Price In Bangladesh in Indian Rupees

The price of Gold in Bangladesh is searched by not just those in Bangladesh but also by those in India. Some of the reasons why people search for the present gold price in Bangladesh, gold price in Bangladesh 2021 today and today gold price in Bangladesh per vori in Indian Rupees is because women are always keen to possess the knowledge of today gold price Bangladesh in Indian Rupees with which they can compare the difference in the prices of Gold in both countries. Apart from women the Government of India is also always on the lookout for the gold price today in Bangladesh in Indian Rupees as this will help them understand the economy of Bangladesh better. Given below are today gold price in bangladesh per vori in Indian Rupees 

24k Gold Price In Bangladesh in Indian Rupees

Weight  Gold Price in Bangladesh In Indian Rupees
1 Ounce 133,449.47 INR
1 Gram  4,290.50 INR
2 Gram 8,581.00 INR
5 Gram 21,452.50 INR
10 Gram 42,905.00 INR
1 Vori 50027.23 INR

22k Gold Price In Bangladesh in Indian Rupees

Weight  Gold Price in Bangladesh In Indian Rupees
1 Ounce 122,329.97 INR
1 Gram  3,933.00 INR
2 Gram 7,866.00 INR
5 Gram 19,665.00 INR
10 Gram 39,330.00 INR
1 Vori 45858.78 INR

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