When is Google Play Music Shutting Down?

Google Play Music will replace YouTube Music by December, as announced by Google in August. And Google Play Music users will lose access to streaming on the Google Play Music platform in the next couple of months. But YouTube Music recently introduced a tool to help you move your entire Google streaming service catalogue, profile and playlists to YouTube’s updated one with just one tap.

Why is Google Play Music Shutting Down?

Google is taking this big move as YouTube Music service is in full swing as its replacement. It began allowing Google Play Music users to migrate virtually every part of their libraries to the new service only a few months ago, including playlists, musicians, albums, tracks, content purchased, suggestions, and uploads. It is as easy as opening the YouTube Music app for the first time to pass all of that content.

Replacement for Google Play Music

With YouTube Music as its replacement, Google will likely shut down Google Play Music in 2020. The transfer does make sense. YouTube is, after all, the world’s most popular on-demand music website. Plus, YouTube Music gets a few features from Google Play Music, such as the ability to upload your own music later for streaming. Here is the best replacement for google play music.

  • Apple Music

  • Plex

  • Spotify

  • SoundCloud


How to Transfer Music from Google Play to Youtube Music?

At the end of the year, Google Play Music is going down, leaving YouTube Music as Google’s only music streaming service. Just before it happens, with only a few clicks, you have the ability to move your music library, reviews, purchased songs and personal uploads to YouTube Music. 

  • Ensure that you have installed the new edition of YouTube Music from Google Play or the App Store 

  • Open Music from YouTube. You could get a YouTube Music Premium pop-up advert

  • You should see a banner on the main home screen that says Move your library from Play Music

  • YouTube Music will then reveal everything you are about to move from Google Play Music, including tracks, albums, playlists, purchases, uploads, your unique taste profile/recommendations, and your tracks that you like and don’t like

  • At the bottom, press Start Switch, and the process will start

  • You can see a permanent move of your Google Play Music library status bar at the top of YouTube Music until the process gets underway

  • When the transfer is completed, both an app update and an email confirming that you are all set will be sent to you

  • When it’s all over, take a look around to make sure the journey has been successfully completed. In order to make the change a bit more smooth when you familiarise yourself with the YouTube Music app, you can also see a continue listening from Google Play Music row on the home screen. 

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