Bhoomi Pooja Dates in 2021

Bhoomi Pooja is believed to be one of the holy rituals to be followed before moving into any house. This includes the rituals performed to honor Goddess Bhoomi and also the deity of directions, Vastu Purush. The crucial purpose of performing this ritual is to get rid of ill and bad effects and also the Vastu doshas that are believed to be present in the land. This ritual seems to pave the way for a smooth building and construction. This pooja is usually performed prior to start a house construction. In this ritual, “Dharti Maa” or the “Mother Earth” is worshipped to eradicate ill effects in the house. This pooja is done at the proper time and date. Thus, we have got you all the dates for you to apprise yourself about the Vastu dates for Bhoomi Pooja 2021. 

When Was Bhoomi Pooja Ritual Started?

Is it not obvious that everything has a first time and the purpose of its initiation? Yes, here we will learn how and when was this ceremony ritual started. It is true that in India Spirituality lies in every nook and corner of the country. India is a diverse country with multiple amazing languages, wonderful cultures, beautiful festivals, and whatnot. Indians not only worship God in form of wooden and stone statues but also worship the Motherly Earth. Mother Earth is worshipped since we get so many benefits from it. Basically, Bhoomi Pooja is done to pay respect to Mother Earth and get permission from her before digging the land and initiating the construction. Lord Ganesha (Initiator of the world), Lakshmi Pooja (To be healthy and wealthy), Vastu Purush, and Mother Earth. Get all the Bhoomi Pooja dates, days, and Nakshatras for this year 2021.

Bhumi Poojan Date 2021

Date Day Nakshatra
09/01/2021 Saturday Anuradha
22/02/2021 Monday Mrigashirsha
13/05/2021 Thursday Rohini
14/05/2021 Friday Mrigashirsha
21/05/2021 Friday Uttara Phalguni
22/05/2021 Saturday Uttara Phalguni
26/05/2021 Wednesday Anuradha
04/06/2021 Friday Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati
05/06/2021 Saturday Revati
19/06/2021 Saturday Chitra
26/06/2021 Saturday Uttara Ashadha
01/07/2021 Thursday Uttara Bhadrapada
06/11/2021 Saturday Anuradha
10/11/2021 Wednesday Uttara Ashadha
20/11/2021 Saturday Rohini
22/11/2021 Monday Mrigashirsha
29/11/2021 Monday Uttara Phalguni
13/12/2021 Saturday Revati

Bhoomi Pooja Dates In 2021 In Tamil

Date And Month Day English Date Time 
12, Tai Monday 25 January, 2021 10.41 – 11.17 AM
22, Masi Saturday 6 March, 2021 10.32 – 11.08 AM
10, Chittirai Friday 23 April, 2021 8.45 – 9.30 AM
21, Vaikaasi Friday 4 June, 2021 9.58 – 10.34 AM
11, Aadi Tuesday 27 July, 2021 7.44 – 8.20 AM
6, Aavani Sunday 22 August, 2021 7.23 – 7.59 AM
11, Ipasi Thursday 28 October, 2021 7.44 – 8.20 AM
8, Karthika Wednesday 24 November, 2021 11.29 – 12.05 AM

What Is the Procedure for Bhoomi Pooja?

There is a step by step procedure for Bhoomi Pooja as per the ancient scriptures of Hindus. It is believed that “Pathal Lok” is present below the earth which is controlled by Sheshnag, server of Lord Vishnu. As Sheshnag is imagined as the savor of Earth, in Bhoomi Pooja, a silver snake idol is worshipped and then follows the “Kalash Pooja”. Strength and longevity to our new buildings are given by Sheshnag, on the other hand, the universe is denoted by “Kalash” in which the betel nuts are placed to signify our prayers to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. 

What Is the Significance Of Bhoomi Pooja?

These points will take you through the importance of Bhoomi pooja and why is it done. Prior to performing any ritual, we need to know why exactly it is done. If you are unaware of the reasons for these holy rituals, go through the below-given points. 

  • Many insects and animals and other microbes are killed while we dug out the land to initiate construction. Bhoomi Pooja plays a vital role in getting rid of curses from these creatures and also to remove negativities. 

  • In India, the farmers do offer prayers and follow rituals before starting the cultivation to glorify mother Erath who has let them from crops.

  • It is firmly believed by the Indians that it is necessary to follow all the cultures and traditions that have started thousands of years ago.

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