How to Borrow Data from Etisalat Nigeria?

Etisalat is a telecommunication company based in UAE that was founded in 1976. This networking company is in fact the only net service provider in UAE. This Oligarchy that this company enjoys gave it an autonomy in this field that made this networking company one of the biggest telecommunication companies ever. Though they began in UAE they ventured out to 15 other countries spread across Asia, Middle East and Africa. One of the countries in Africa where the Etisalat provides mobile network services in Nigeria. Etisalat commenced their service in Nigeria as Etisalat Nigeria. Etisalat is generally known for showing innovation in its products and services. Venturing into Nigeria gave them hordes of opportunities to experiment and bring in new innovations. They even launched the Etisalat Prize for Literature, a very novel and noble venture that awarded debut writers of Nigeria who have published their work. Despite being successful Etisalat had to withdraw from the Nigerian market after it faced un repayable debts. A local operative in Nigeria saw this as the prime opportunity to grab for themselves this network. They renamed it the 9mobile. Today 9mobile is one of the most used mobile networks in Nigeria that is quite successful. 

How to Borrow Data on Etisalat?

Borrowing data on Etisalat/ 9mobile is a special service that is provided by them. This service enables users to borrow data if their data has expired beforehand. The possession of data has become imperative in this day and age when everything is working via the internet. WIth the ongoing pandemic that has forced everyone to stay indoors and take up work from home the need for data has increased multifold as it is through the internet on mobile networks that many are operating. Moreover many are venturing into small businesses whose promotions are being done on social networks through their data packs. Thus it comes as no surprise if the users exhaust their data packs before the validity of the packs. Taking all these into consideration and to bring forth an innovative twist to the usual plans 9mobile launched the borrow data service. Users of 9mobile can borrow airtime and convert it to data or borrow data depending on their eligibility. But to be able to borrow data the users need to know the user needs toknow how to borrow data on Etisalat follow a few steps and fulfill a few requirement9s which are stated below.

What is the Code to Borrow Data From Etisalat?

An Etisalat user needs to fulfill a few requirements before borrowing data. Listed below are those criterias.

  • Customer must use prepaid service as it is available only to prepaid users

  • Customers must have a registered number that is active

  • They should not have any outstanding payments.

Before venturing into borrowing data a user must know his/her status regarding whether he/she is eligible to borrow data. There are two ways to check your status via SMS and code to borrow data from Etisalat, the steps for both of which are given below 


How to Borrow Data From Etisalat Nigeria?

This will help you find your status to borrow data. Now that you know whether you can borrow data or not here are the steps that will help you borrow data 

  • Dial *665#.

  • Choose option 2 to borrow data.

  • To choose the amount Press 1.

  • This service lets you borrow up to 1.5GB. 

  • Your line will be recharged with your data advance.

  • You are required to payback with an interest fee on your next recharge

  • If you fail to pay your chance of getting a loan the next time gets reduced. 

How to Buy Etisalat Data?

Users of Etisalat can also buy data instead of borrowing data. Unlike borrowing data wherein you get the service at present free of cost and have to pay extra as an interest for the borrowed data buying data does not charge any extra amount. This is a very viable option if you have money at your disposition. Moreover Etisalat/ 9mobile allows users to roll data if the data is not over within the set period. This is also something that favors the customers. Etisalat Nigeria has  come up with codes even for buying data making it easier for the customers as they can buy data within the safety of their homes. But before you proceed with the codes you need to know how to buy data on etisalat. All you need to do to know how to buy etisalat data You need to type in these codes and send them to get yourself the activated data that you bought. 

What are Code to Buy Data on Etisalat?

To be able to buy data on Etisalat the knowledge of code to buy data on Etisalat is necessary. Listed below are these code to buy data on Etisalat Nigeria/9mobile.

CODE Pack & Validity Cost
*229*2*12# 500MB, 30 Days 500 Naira
*229*2*7# 1.5GB, 30 Days 1000 Naira
*229*2*25# 2GB, 30 Days 1200 Naira
*229*2*3# 3GB, 30 Days 1500 Naira
*229*2*8# 4.5GB, 30 Days 2000 Naira
*229*2*36# 11GB, 30 Days 4000 Naira
*229*2*37# 15GB, 30 Days 5000 Naira

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