Discord Push Notification Not Working Android 2021

Discord is a community-building platform that combines VoIP, instant chat, and digital distribution. Discord is a community-building VoIP, instant messaging, and digital distribution network based in the United States. Users connect in private conversations or as part of “servers” through voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media, and files. Also, be aware of the latest issue with Discord not working.

Why are Discord Notifications Not Working?

It might be annoying sometimes if Discord does not send you alerts. Users will miss vital information since Discord alerts appear to work for DMs but not for non-nitro servers with messages or even mentions. According to a user, the Discord support staff disables push notifications on servers with more than 2500 users. If your server just reached the 2500 person mark, this might be the cause of no longer receiving alerts. However, there’s no harm in trying these solutions; they could work for you. To know How to Fix Mobile Discord Notification Now Working then read this furthermore.

What are the major causes of the Discord Notification issue?

There are a few primary factors for discord notifications not working that will help you understand why the problem occurs,

  • Discord desktop notifications are disabled: Discord features a desktop notification option that lets you know when new messages and requests arrive. You will not receive any notification alerts on your PC if this option is off.

  • Discord Online Status: Discord online statuses like “Do Not Disturb” may also be used to disable alerts.

  • In-App notifications in Mobile: Make sure discord in-app notifications and tweak notifications are turned on on your phone.

  • Discord Cache: Access to cached data may clash with cache memory. The problem can be resolved by clearing the Discord cache.

  • Device notifications settings: There are notification settings on both the PC and the mobile device that might cause discord notifications to stop working.

How to Fix Mobile Discord Notification Now Working?

To Fix the Mobile Discord push notifications not working android 2021 do the following steps given below,

Check Discord Online Status

You may choose from four different online states in Discord: Online, Do not disturb, Idle, and Invisible. If you set your Discord status to “Do Not Disturb,” you will not get any phone or text message notifications. Open the Discord program to change your status to Online. Now, at the very bottom of the page, click on the profile image. You should now see all four statuses; simply choose Online and you’re done.

Make Sure Desktop Notifications in Enabled

While you are using another app or program, desktop notifications in Discord remind you of any incoming calls and messages. You will not receive any alerts if this option is deactivated. To enable, follow the instructions below. To access the user settings, launch the Discord app and select the settings cog symbol. From the left-hand panel, select the “Notifications” tab. Make sure that “Enable Desktop Notification” is selected as the first option.

Check Discord Server & Channel Notifications

Discord gives you the choice to turn off or on notifications for any server or channel. If you’ve discovered that discord alerts aren’t working for a certain server or channel, follow the steps below.

Discord Server Notifications

  • A bell icon appears on the right-hand top of the desktop program when you open any discord server. This bell symbol is used to temporarily silence all server alerts until you are named.

  • Check that the silence server option is not activated by right-clicking on the server.

  • Now we’ll look at the Server Notifications options. Choose Notifications settings from the server’s to right-click menu. A new window will open, displaying all of the server notification choices.

  • Mute is located at the top of the page; make sure it is turned off.

Discord Channel Notifications

  • Make sure the Mute Server option is not activated by right-clicking on the channel. Also, look for the mute bell symbol at the top.

  • Make sure the Notification settings are set to server default or “All messages” by right-clicking on the channel and hovering up to the Notification settings.

Disable Streamer Mode

  • When you enable discord streamer mode, all discord notifications will be disabled, as well as channel join and notification noises.

  • With the simple procedures below, you may disable the streamer mode in Discord.

  • To access the user settings, launch the Discord app and select the settings cog symbol.

  • Now go down to the bottom of the app settings to locate “Streamer mode” and click it. The first option you’ll see in the streamer mode section is “Enable Streamer Mode,” which should be deactivated.

  • If you don’t want to disable streamer mode, keep it turned on and scroll down to turn off “disable notifications.” Check to check if the discord notifications are still working.

Update Discord

If you’re using an older version of Discord, it’s possible that you’ll have issues with notifications. The majority of the time, Discord updates itself, but we still need to make sure it’s up to current. To upgrade Discord, right-click on the icon and select “Run as an Administrator” and the Discord will be updated.

Make sure Windows Notifications is enabled for Discord

  • If your windows notifications are turned off or disabled for discord on a Windows device, the notifications will not work on discord.

  • In the Windows search box, type “notifications” and select “Notifications and action settings.”

  • Make sure the option to “Get alerts from applications and other senders” is enabled in the Notifications section.

Clear Discord Cache

Caches are useful, but they can include trash material that might cause problems with programs at times.

  • On your phone, go to Settings and then App or App Manager. To launch the Discord app, scroll down and touch on it.

  • Now go to “Storage,” then “Clear Data,” then “Clear Cache.” Restart the device when you’ve finished.

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