Drake – Texts Go Green Lyrics

Drake – Texts Go Green Lyrics :

[Verse]If I come around you, cannot be myselfWind up in a mirror just to see yourselfIf I was in your shoes I would hate myselfLeft all this behind to be with someone else, ohWhy should I fake it anymore?If I [?] and work that can you take it anymore?This time I have left, cannot be wasted anymoreYou realize it now and you made a mistakeTexts go green, it’s a little different, don’t it?Know you missed the days when I was grippin’ on itKnow you’re in a house tonight just thinkin’ on itI moved on so long agoI moved on so long agoYou’re still thinking ’bout me, thoughI’m still tryna make sеnse of it allYou’re still saying things to keep me involvеd’Posed to let me know how you feel, now what to do?It shouldn’t take a text from me to speak your truthRoughYou’re dealing with me roughI know you like it roughBut this might be too muchYou’re dealing with me roughI know you like it roughBut this might be too muchBut this might be too much for meDodging girls on the scene and girls from my dreamsWell, don’t wanna make something from nothing, that’s where I beWell, keep getting nothing from something, how’s that fair?

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