DTC Bus Pass Online 2021

The DTC Bus Pass Online is undoubtedly a reasonable effort by the Delhi Government; which will definitely give a lot of convenience to traffic people. Usually, people have to travel through these buses in Metro City, and due to the long-distance and short time, they have to face a lot of problems in taking a pass or ticket, so this type of online pass facility will help people a lot. To know the in-depth information on the DTC Bus Pass Online 2021, read here.

What are the DTC Bus Pass Online Application Form and Process?

  • Open the official DTC Bus Pass website by clicking here.

  • On the DTC Bus Pass Online homepage, to apply for a DTC bus pass, click on Apply for new bus above or click on “Apply Now” on the right side.

  • After this, a form will open in which the required information has to be filled carefully. It may be inconvenient to fill the form if the information is incorrect.

  • It is mandatory to fill all the information in the form where * such a symbol is created. If you do not fill these boxes, your form will not be submitted.

  • After filling all the information, click on “Submit”. After this, the payment page will open, where you have to pay online. Fill information carefully while making an online payment.

  • Before payment, the applicant has to click on the “Price Calculator” and make further payment by calculating.

  • By paying in this way, your application process will be completed, and you will get a bus pass sitting at home. These nearby deliveries will be available only in 5 working days.

  • The applicant should take a print out of this form and keep it with them, so that if there is any inconvenience in the future, it will be easy to solve the problem of the form’s status.

This process initiated by the Delhi government is covered under the “Delhi Doorstep Delivery Plan”.

Eligibility Criteria for the DTC Bus Pass Online 2021

A resident of Delhi, who is more than five years old, can apply for this pass. All the essential documents are required for that only then the application form can be filled.

Important Documents for DTC Bus Pass Online:

  • Photo: It will have a passport-sized picture of the beneficiary, in which the face should be visible properly. Blur photo won’t work. The size of the image should be 20KB-50KB.

  • Mobile number: It is necessary to enter your mobile number and remember that you should enter the operational number, in which the message or OTP number can come.

  • In this process, payment will be made through online payment, i.e. you should have a debit/credit card or online banking facility.

Other Important Points:

  • From this online portal, one can apply for General Pass only. Other exemptions such as Student Pass and Senior Citizen Pass are still the offline application process.

  • Along with this, making an offline pass will also be smooth; those who have inconvenience in filling online can take advantage of the offline process. The beneficiary cannot get the access renewed online.

  • After submitting the form, you cannot change it, and if the authority finds any problem in the address and photo at the time of verification, they can ask you to make changes.

How to Check the DTC Bus Pass Status Online?

  • After the pass is made, you will be sent a message on your mobile number.

  • by clicking on this link here, you can check the status of your DTC Bus Pass.

How to Cancel the DTC Bus Pass?

  • If you want to cancel your pass, you can do the process by going to the DTC pass section in the DTC office.

  • Your remaining money will be transferred online to your account, which may take 7 to 14 days. It will also charge a fee of Rs 10.

How to Make Duplicate DTC Bus Pass?

If your DTC pass is lost or damaged, you cannot get a duplicate pass. In such a situation, you have to get a new pass.

The Cost Structure for the DTC Bus Pass 2021

The details of which routes are involved in this process are in the table, as well as the monthly charges on that route are also given in the table. here are the DTC Bus Pass price list:

S. No Monthly Charge Monthly Charge
1 General Pass [Non AC] Rs.800/-
2 General Pass [AC] Rs.1000/-
3 Airport Express / Coaches AC & Non AC [Delhi NCT] Rs.1400/-
4 Delhi NCR Airport AC & Non AC Rs.1800/-
5 Delhi to Gurugram Rs.1500/-
6 Delhi to Faridabad Rs.1800/-
7 Delhi to Bahadurgarh Rs.1160/-
8 Delhi to Ghaziabad Rs.1640/-

In addition to printing and stationery, 15 rupees will have to be paid. Additional Charge:

  • If you want to send a pass to the local area, then Rs 18, but if the address is not local, then the fee will have to be Rs 41.

  • The fee for an online transaction will be charged by the bank from the beneficiary, which will depend on the bank.

What is the DTC Bus Pass Refund Process?

If you have made a one-month pass and want to get it closed after a week, then you will get the remaining money back, but the one-week fee and Rs 10 cancellation charges will be deducted. And this refund will come to the account in 7 to 14 days through the online banking process.

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