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Duolingo is an American Language learning website. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, the app helps its users to learn all kinds of languages. Hence it is a Multilingual learning app. It is also a mobile-friendly app and a digital language-proficiency assessment exam app. Launched on June 19, 2012, it is a free mobile and website app with no hidden fees and premium content. Here are some worth taking notes on the Duolingo app :

  • Founded by Luis Von Ahn and Severin Hacker, Duolingo is a Multilingual Language learning app.

  • It was launched on June 19, 2012, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.

  • Duolingo offers 98 different language courses in 38 languages as of October 13, 2020.

  • It has 300 Million registered users all over the world.

  • Duolingo is a Private Limited Company with its native on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile.

  • In 2013, Duolingo was honoured by Apple as its “iPhone App” of the Year. This was the first time when an Educational Application was honoured with such an award.

  • It has a great reward system, where the users can acquire “lingots”, an in-game currency. The users can spend their currency rewards on characters or bonus levels.

  • The app has the following features: reading sentences, listening to the pronunciation, voice recording, forming phrases by ordering words and matching images to words.

  • Hollywood Stars highly use the app.

Is Duolingo Chinese App?

The Android and iOS versions of Duolingo was released on July 15 in traditional Chinese, majorly for the Hong Kong market.

Duolingo Is From Which Country – Overview



Original Founder Luis Von Ahn and Severin Hacker


Public Release June 19, 2012
Platform Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile.
Availability 98 different language courses in 38 languages
Reach World wide

Duolingo App Origin Country

One of the best online learning language app, Duolingo has been designed in a very simple and engaging format. Its freemium plan is ad-free. The most widely used and searched languages on Duolingo are :

  • French

  • German 

  • Latin American Spanish

  • Italian 

  • Brazilian Portuguese

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