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Filmorago App Is From Which Country?

Filmorago is an app that comes under the domain of Wondershare Technology. Filmorago is a video editing and video making app that offers a number of features that make it stand out amongst the other multifarious video editing apps that exist out there in the sea of internet. Filmorago is also one of the major video editing apps that is known for its user friendliness. The app has a number of tools that make for great video editing which can even be used to edit videos for Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat. This app enhances the video we take and consumer friendliness of the app are some of the main reasons for the popularity of the app. But despite the app being popular many are apprehensive about Filmorago app origin country because of the ban of apps that was decreed after the India China border conflict. 

Overview Of Filmorago Is From Which Country

Filmorago is a Chinese App. Given below is an overview of the app.

Name  Filmorago
Origin Country  China
Founder  Tobee Wu
Developer  Wondershare Technology
Release 2015
Size  59MB

Filmorago App Origin Country

As stated earlier FilmoraGo is an app that comes under the Wondershare Technology a company that develops mobile apps. FilmoraGo is just one of the ventures of this company that is based in China. Some of the other apps  that were developed by Wondershare Technology are Vlogit, dr. Fone and Vidap. Tobee Wu is the founder of the Wondershare Technology. The FilmoraGo app was for the first time released in 2015 and today the app is active in 102 countries. Since the developing company of the app Filmorago is based in China there is no doubt that Filmorago is also an app that has Chinese origins. 

Filmorago Features

There are a number of reasons why the app Filmorago became popular some of which were stated earlier regarding their user friendliness and feature. Listed below are some more reasons why this app is popular

  • It’s an easy and practical video editing app & movie scene maker for both film directors and beginners.

  • The app lets you Trim and cut videos. 

  • The app also lets you share on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram.

  • There are a number of different color filters that will make your video stand out

  • You can also crop videos and export it in HD quality

  • One major advantage is that there’s no watermark/no ads but this is a feature available only to those who updated to vip.

  • You can add music and background score to the videos

  • You can also add texts and stickers 

  • The ease with which the video can be shared is yet another feature of this app that makes this app unique. 

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