Celebrities Using Herbalife

Herbalife or Herbalife Nutrition is a multinational company that offers products that focus on nutrition and weight loss. The company that was founded by Mark Hughes was established for the first time in Los Angeles, California in the 1980s. They have since then surged in their performance excelling and offering a wide range of products

Their concentraed area is on weight loss and nutrition balance and as such the products that they come up with are centred around this. But weight loss products and schemes are not something that is unique to the market. This forces them to stand out and one way to do this is through celebrities using herbalife.

Celebrities Who Use Herbalife

With celebrities who use Herbalife the company would use these celebrities to endorse their products and sometimes even give these celebrities using herbalife an important position in the company at least with regard to the endorsement of their product. 

Celebrities in general are considered influencers who have a great influence on the general public. And publicising the herbalife celebrities is a great marketing strategy that ensures flow of products and fame of the company. 

Christiano Ronaldo

One of the universally recognized celebrities Christiano Ronaldo, the football player has taken to using Herbalife’s fat loss supplements. He is not just a customer for Herbalife, he is also Herbalife’s official brand ambassador in the global sporting sorority. 

This Portugese soccer player leans towards a healthier diet which resulted in him nodding his approval to Herbalife’s products. He signed the deal for being the ambassador of Herbalife in 2013 which is set to continue till 2021.

Maximiliano Rodríguez

Maximiliano Rodriguez, yet another soccer player from Argentina is the next herbalife celebrities use. The product that this herbalife celebrities use is the fat loss company’s shakes. He’s one of the best-known supporters of Herbalife Nutrition’s blends. 

Virat Kohli

It is not surprising that most of Herbalife celebrity users are sports personalities as Herbalife is a nutrition schemed product. Virat Kohli, one of India’s most proficient cricketers, is one of the Herbalife brand ambassadors in Asia. 

Mugdha Godse

A universally admired Bollywood actress Mugdha Godse was recently contracted to spearhead Herbalife’s skin-care trademarks in India.  Herbalife skin-health products that the herbalife celebrities use is being endorsed and promoted by this bollywood beauty

Danielle Armstrong

Though not an ambassador, this Towie ico stated that her lithe body structure can be attributed to this nutrition product Herbalife. The product that this herbalife celebrities uses is Herbalife’s fitness shakes. She has also claimed to have used the Skin Revitalising packages.

Ferne McCann

Danielle Armstrong influenced her co- star in showbiz  Ferne McCann to use the products of Herbalife. McCann stated that it was the products of Herbalife that brought back her shape after her pregnancy. She is also one of the celebrities who use herbalife who encourage others to use as well. 

David Beckham

David Beckham though has not used the products of Herbalife has been seen wearing the shirt of Herbalife in recent times. Though this cannot be mentioned as celebrities using herbalife.

Herbalife Effects

Many of these celebrities have given positive reviews for the products of Herbalife. This may be the case most of the time but there are chances that the products of Herbalife might not work in your favour and might even cause harm to you. Thus it is always safe to consult a doctor before taking such products. 

Despite having such good reviews and endorsements there were some cases reported wherein using such weight loss products has caused harm. Herbalife is a weight loss mechanism and scheme and offers products that support this.But this is a form of forcing your body to adapt to the social constructs that require you to be in a particular form and shape to be acceptable.

One should not let these insecurities fester in your minds. Even if you do wish to reduce weight or have a balanced nutrition do so after consulting the doctor and seeking his/ her permission to take these products.

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