Friends Stories Not Showing Up On Snapchat

You will all be knowing what Snapchat is, however, we have got some basic details about Snapchat for those who are unaware. Snapchat is an America-based multimedia app basically for messaging. Developed by Snap Inc., this application was originally released on 8 July 2011. You can use this app on both Android as well as iOS. At times, Snapchat servers go down due to some reason. At present, the problems faced by Snapchat users are that they are not able to see their friends’ stories. If your, Snapchat stories not showing up, read the following section and you might get some solution as well. 

Why Are Stories Not Showing Up On Snapchat?

Also, currently, there is an issue with messages that are going black. However, it is not yet official if the app is going for any server maintenance as of now. Snap stories not showing up is an issue faced by many nowadays. If there is any information regarding server maintenance in the future, we will update the same on our website. “I can’t see my friends Snapchat story” is a problem to which there might be some isolated reasons as well. Snapchat has left no stone unturned to keep you connected to your loved ones. 

What Are The Fixes For Stories Not Showing Up On Snapchat?

If you are facing issues concerned with Snapchat stories not showing up on iOS, Android, and Microsoft phones, get the following fixing methods.

Restart Your Mobile Phone

For both Android and iOS users, the foremost suggestion is that they restart their mobile phones by pressing the power button and the volume button. Once the mobile phones get a complete reboot done, your problem might get solved.

Snapchat Cache Needs To Be Cleared

Once you download some data and media files on your mobile phones, there are certain images that do not get properly downloaded, and hence you are could not see the Snapchat stories.

  1. Open your Android device

  2. Then open “Settings”

  3. Head towards “Applications”

  4. Select Snapchat in Applications

  5. Go to “Storage” and tap on “Clear Cache”

App Conversation Needs To Be Cleared

Sometimes your overloaded conversation history might make the problem. This might also be the reason for the issue of not showing up stories on Snapchat. 

  1. Go to “Snapchat”

  2. Head towards “Settings”

  3. Move towards “Account Operations”

  4. Select “Clear Conversation”

Network Connection And Snapchat Server Needs To Be Checked

There might also be problems with the network connection or the WiFi connection. Some users have cleared their issue by following the given below steps. See, if it works for you as well.

  1. Head towards WiFi “Settings”.

  2. Then go to “Modify Network”

  3. Then click on “Advanced Settings”

  4. Switch IP settings to Static.

  5. Finally, change DNS1 and DNS2 to and in a respective position that are google DNS

App Permission Enabled Needs To Be Checked

Notice that storage, location, and other such permissions need to be enabled. If your app does not have the proper permissions to function, there might be an issue arising. 

  1. You need to head towards “Settings” in Snapchat.

  2. Then click on “Permission”.

  3. Finally, enable the permission that is missing.

Update Or Reinstall The App

  1. You need to open the Play Store or the Apple store depending on the type of mobile phone you use. 

  2. Then search for the Snapchat app and check if the app is in the latest update.

  3. Once the app is up to date, you might get to see the stories again.

Re-add The Friend

  1. The user needs to visit Snapchat

  2. Then tap on your own Profile

  3. Go to “My Friends” and remove the friend’s name from the list that is affected.  

  4. Then add him/her back to get the stories on Snapchat.

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