Banglalink is a mobile operator in Bangladesh that is quite popular. This mobile operating service that began in 2005 has become one of the most used services in the country. They began with the aim of ‘Bringing mobile telephony to the masses’.

This popularity and widespread use was attained by Banglalink because of offering mobile services at affordable prices for the consumers. They were one of the first in Bangladesh to bring the prices of mobile networking services lower and at a rate that all could afford.

Banglalink offers the customers a number of Banglalink MB offer and Banglalink recharge offers for the customers. Customers would also need to know their  Banglalink MB balance. Like any other mobile operating company Banglalink also has a banglalink balance check code that the customers can use to check their balance

Many who are currently using the Banglalink have been posting questions regarding Banglalink recharge internet offer, Banglalink MB Check Code and Banglalink internet balance check code

The Banglalink mb check code is the code to check the internet balance on your Banglalink service. Banglalink not just offers the service of calls and sms they also offer internet services and to check your internet balance and MB balance you need the banglalink mb check code.

Given below is the Banglalink internet balance check code. It is not that difficult to use the Banglalink mb check code 2021 as all you need to do is type in the code and send. 

Banglalink Internet Balance Check Code – *5000*500#

Banglalink users not just use the internet offers, offered by Banglalink they also use the other offers like call recharge and sms recharge. They would thus need to check this Banglalink Balance as well. Given below is the Banglalink Balance Check code

Banglalink Balance Check Code  – *121*100#

Just like knowing the banglalink balance check code and banglalink internet balance check code are important to know the balance you have in your mobile phones so is knowing the currently active Banglalink Recharge Offer. 

Because when the Banglalink mb check code 2021 gives you the balance you will get an idea of when you need to recharge next and for this you need to know the Banglalink Recharge Offer that will help to compare and discern which pack is best suited for your mobile and your usage. 

Off all the recharges packages are generally considered the best recharge as they give a combo of services.  Given below are the banglalink recharge offers for packages

But apart from packages there are the normal packages for voice calls some of which are listed below

‌Banglalink Recharge Offer Price
19 min/ 2 Days Tk. 12
28 min/ 2 Days Tk. 17
1 Paisa/Sec/ 3 Days Tk. 21
45 min/ 3 Days Tk. 27
55 min/ 4 Days Tk. 34
1 Paisa/Sec/ 7 Days Tk. 39
90 min/ 7 Days Tk. 57
1 Paisa/Sec/ 30 Days Tk. 139
250 min/ 30 Days Tk. 157
300 min/ 30 Days Tk. 197
340 min/ 30 Days Tk. 207
48 Paisa/Min/ 60 Days Tk. 169

The banglalink recharge internet offers are quite popular amongst the Bangladesh people. This is no surprise considering the surge in the use of the Internet over the past few years. Banglalink mb offer is basically the Banglalink Recharge Internet Offer.

The Banglalink mb offer is termed in such a manner since MB indicates the quantity of internet one would get with a particular recharge. Given below are the Banglalink Recharge Internet Offer

Banglalink MB Offer Price
200 MB/ 3 Days Tk. 18
512 MB/ 3 Days Tk. 23
75 MB/ 4 Days Tk. 13
1 GB/ 4 Days  Tk. 36
1.5 GB/ 4 Days Tk. 41
3 GB/ 4 Days Tk. 58
1 GB/ 7 Days Tk. 16
500 MB/ 7 Days Tk. 42
4.0 GB/ 7 Days Tk. 108
11 GB/ 7 Days Tk. 129
18 GB/ 7 Days Tk. 169
5 GB/ 30 Days Tk. 46
2.5 GB/ 30 Days Tk. 209
3 GB/ 30 Days Tk. 249
40.0 GB/ 30 Days Tk. 499
55 GB/ 30 Days Tk. 999

Banglalink number check code is not something that we use often or regularly but they do come in handy when you need them the most. Especially in cases where you have lost your mobile number or forgot mobile number and do not know how to get your mobile number. 

You might have the option of using a friend’s phone or dialing to someone else’ phone. But that may not be possible if you do not have a close friend closeby or you do not have enough balance. In such cases you can use the Banglalink Number Check code.

Banglalink Number Check Code – *511#

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