BTS Mic Colors 2021

BTS released their latest album, ‘BE’ in November 2020. It marked the beginning of a new era since the album was a global hit and the band is now world-renowned. With the new album, there were a lot of changes in the band’s fashion and hairstyles. But the most significant of them was the changes in the mics of the band members. The members have different coloured mics to reflect their personalities and goals. Read on to learn more about the BTS Mic Colors 2021

BTS Members Mic

All the members of BTS have different coloured mics. The colour and design represent the individual’s goals and personality. In the recent album release, we could see that Jin, RM, J-Hope and Jungkook had all changed their mic colours and all the members had new customised mics embedded with Swarovski crystals. You cal learn BTS Mic Colours below,

Name  Colour
RM Silver and Black 
Jin White 
Suga Black
J-Hope Red
Jimin Orange
V Green
Jungkook Purple 


Jungkook Microphone

Jungkook is one of the members who changed the colour of his microphone for the release of ‘BE’.  Jungkook earlier had a pure purple microphone. But he has now changed it to a different shade of purple endowed with rainbow crystals. 

J-Hope Mic Colours

J-Hope’s earlier mic colour was a shade of light blue. But he recently changed it to a red one to symbolize a change in his personality. He is the band’s main dancer, Sub Rapper and Sub Vocalist. He wishes to be a source of light and hope to his fans which goes ideal with this red coloured mic. 

BTS Members Favourite Colors

Though the members have different colored mics, it does not represent their favourite color. Listed below are the favourite colors of all the BTS Members

The colors are subject to change since the members have changed their colors in the past.

BTS Mic Colors 2021

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