It is not a tinge of a hit movie or a perfect shot that takes you to this list, but it is a consistent blockbuster and sharp graph by which one makes to this record. This list will help you in apprising yourself about the most popular celebrity of all time. These trending celebrities have always made the headlines and broke the internet through their work and much more. This simple guide will take you on a tour of the most popular celebrity in the world. Stay tuned and get all the details about the most famous celebrity in the world right now. 

Get the below list and find out who are the most popular celebrities on the earth. Also, this article provides you with their no. of Twitter followers and net worth as well. Let’s get started and apprise ourselves with the most popular celebrity in 2021 the world list.

1. Kanye West

Kanye Omari West, popularly called Kanye West is one of the greatest American rappers in the world. He is also known for his fashion designing and as record producer too. He has maintained stardom by managing the mainstream development of popular music and hip hop. He has always been the talk of the town through his relationship with Kim Kardashian, be it bizarre activities, his music, and whatnot. 

2. Will Smith

Do we even need any introduction to this celebrity? To be precise he made to this list by rapping, making us laugh, and obviously his acting skills. Will Smith takes every minute detail of the roles that he plays and makes it out of the world with his extraordinary talent. Willard Carroll Smith Jr. is an America-based actor, producer, and rapper as well. He achieved great fame through “The Fresh Prince” as a rapper in the late 1980s.

  • Net Worth: $350 Million

  • Twitter Followers: 117k


3. Ellen DeGeneres

It is true that whenever we feel tired and bored, we just switch on the TV to watch “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, as it will surely switch your mood and make you feel lighthearted. This show is one of the most popular TV shows across the world which is maximum because of Ellen DeGeneres. She interviews the finest celebrities in a way we could even imagine. Her amazing attitude in the show and interactions with the celebrities has made her on this list. Notice that Ellen Lee DeGeneres is an America-based comedian, actress, TV host, writer, and producer as well. 


4. Harry Styles

As we all know Harry Edward Styles is one of the most popular English singers. He is a songwriter, and actor as well. His solo numbers such as “Sign of the Times” and “Watermelon Sugar” have been marked as hit singles in numerous countries. Not just music but also acting talent is one such noticeable part. He was appreciated for the roles he had played in the movie “Dunkirk”. He has proved himself to be on this list of most popular celebrities in the world.


5. The Weeknd

The Weekend has undoubtedly made his way in the R&B music world. His hit singles such as “The Hills” and “Can’t Feel My Face” are considered as two of the most famous singles of all time. Notice that Abel Makkonen Tesfaye also popularly known as The Weeknd, is a Canadian singer. He has also made his identity as a songwriter, and a record producer. He is surely one of the most popular celebrities in the world.


6. John Legend

Know that John Roger Stephens who is also known as John Legend is one of the greatest  American singers of all time. He is also well-known as an actor, songwriter, record producer, film producer, theatre director, and philanthropist as well. It is a god’s gift to listen to John Legend songs. His music will surely live forever as it is a stressbuster to millions of his fans. The star is married to Chrissy Tiegen who is a model, and they have two beautiful children named Luna and Miles.


7. Kim Kardashian West

Do we even need to wonder why or how Kim made to this list? Kimberly Noel Kardashian West popularly called Kim Kardashian is a very famous American media personality. She is also known to be a socialite, producer, actress, model, and businesswoman. Whatever she does is controversy and is definitely breaking the internet, be it her vacations or her styling sense and whatnot. 


8. Britney Spears

One of the most iconic pop singers Britney Spears has made her identity and been in limelight since the 1990s. She has been one of the most search persons in the world for 7 times in 12 years. Notice that Britney Jean Spears popularly called Britney Spears is an America-based singer, and also a songwriter. She is also a very well-renowned dancer and an actress. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, she took the pop songs to a brand new world. Also, you need to know that she is called the “Princess of Pop”.


9. Cardi B

Through her debut album “Invasion of Privacy”, Cardi B has made her own identity in the music world. She never fails to grab the eyes of the public and takes the internet by storm every time she releases an album or a song. Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, very popularly known as Cardi B, is an America-based rapper, and a songwriter as well. She was born in Manhattan and raised in New York City. Also, know that she became a very famous internet celebrity by gaining popularity on Instagram.


10. Kylie Jenner

Kylie was best known as the youngest billionaire at the young age of 22. Doing something apart from the track, Kylie started her own Lip Kit business and merchandise empire. Every girl wants to own one of her lipstick shades which are heavenly. She has undoubtedly worked hard to be in the position where she is today. Notice that Kylie Kristen Jenner professionally called Kylie Jenner is an America-based media personality, and a socialite as well. She has also made her way as a model, and businesswoman.


Who are the Most Famous Celebrities in the World of all Time?

Find the below-given list to know the 10 greatest celebrities of all time.

1. Michael Jackson

2. Tom Hanks

3. Morgan Freeman

4. Bruce Lee

5. Freddie Mercury

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger

7. Chuck Norris

8. Will Smith

9. Beyonce Knowles

10. Katy Perry

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