How To Get Voot Select For Free?

How To Get Voot Select For Free is a question that many have been asking about for sometime now. Voot Select is one of the many online platforms where one can watch movies and series. Voot is a platform that is known for hosting a number of films and series for the users. Though it is not just the movies that it hosts that has attracted moviegoers to this platform, the originality that this platform exudes in creating their own content has attracted hordes of movie and series watchers to this platform. In recent times voot has been releasing a number of originals. In recent times with the lockdown that forced people to stay indoors this one of the platforms that aided the people in overcoming boredom with its content. This has resulted in many searching for How To Get Voot Select For Free. Given below are some Voot originals

How To Get Voot Select Subscription For Free?

Voot has not yet offered any Voot Select subscription free but they have offered a free trial for the users who subscribe to Voot Select. Only premium content requires subscription, there is content that does not require this premium content as well. But most of the original content in Voot requires for you to have Voot Select which has to be paid. Fans are always eager to know if there is voot select subscription free and how to get voot select subscription for free. But as stated earlier Voot does not have a voot select subscription free, they only offer free trial.  Given below are the steps for how to get voot select for free using trial. 

  • Launch the official page of Voot Selector open the Voot app

  • Once this opens Login using your credentials

  • Now go to the settings 

  • Here choose Voot Select Option.

  • You will be given two options – a yearly option and a monthly option

  • Both these will have a trial period – 14 days for the yearly option and 3 days for the monthly option

  • Select either of those and proceed

  • You will now need to give you card details 

  • But you will not be charged before the end of the 14 day trial period 

  • Complete the process and you will have  14 day trial free

  • You can cancel the subscription before the 14 day trial ends and you will not be charged for your subscription. 

How To Cancel Voot Select Subscription ?

Now that you know how to get Voot select subscription free with the trail go ahead and enjoy Voot select for free. But you need to remember to cancel your subscription. In fact you also need to know how to cancel your subscription. Given below are the steps to cancel Voot Select Subscription free

  • Launch the website

  • Login to your account

  • Go to settings

  • In the subscription section you will have the Manage button, click on it

  • Once you open the Subscription Manage page you will find the Cancel button

  • Click on the Cancel button

  • You will be asked a confirmation

  • Once you confirm your subscription will be cancelled. 

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