What Is Chinese New Year 2021?

Chinese New Year 2021 or the lunar New Year or the Spring Festival is a much expected holiday of China that is celebrated with the entire family members and also in several Asian countries. Despite the Covid 19 conditions, the lunar year 2021 is celebrated across the country with full precautionary measures. How the Lunar  New Year is determined? The Chinese New Year is based on the lunar calendar, that is., the holiday which falls on the second new moon after the winter solstice on 21 December. So, the  New Year in China falls on different dates but falls between 21 January and 20 February of the Gregorian Calendar. When is the exact date of Chinese New Year 2021?

When Is Chinese New Year 2021?

The Lunar New Year 2021 or the Chinese New Year falls on 12 February 2021, Friday. According to the Chinese zodiac animal, it is called the year of the Ox, or a  metal Ox year. So, China’s public holiday will be from 11 February to 17 February y 2021. The Chinese New Year is also called the Spring Festival in China as it starts from the Beginning of Spring and marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. According to Chinese traditions, the Spring Festival marks a new year on the lunar calendar. Also,2021 is a Year of the Ox from 12 February 12, 2021, and last until 31 January 31, 2022.The 2022 is the Year of the Tiger from 01 February 2022, until 21 January 2023.

How Long Does The Chinese New Year Celebration Last?

Generally, the Chinese New Year lasts for 16 days, from the Chinese New Year’s eve to the Lantern Festival. In 2021, in the year of Ox, the Chinese New Year festival begins on 11 February till 26 February 2021. What are the celebrations of Chinese New Year? On the auspicious Chinese New Year, the following celebrations are done.

  • On Chinese New Year Eve, they celebrate with fireworks and firecrackers which is considered good luck.

  • People clean their house 

  • Decorate the doors with red posters with poetic verses, red lanterns, 

  • People spend time together with their family and will have a get together to celebrate the new year.

  •  People wear new clothes and share Chinese New Year greetings with their families.

  • The celebration of the Lunar Year includes beating drums, striking gongs, dragon and lion dances which are organized during the Spring Festival festivities.

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