How Long Is Premier Access On Disney Plus?

Disney Plus is a platform that is known for hosting a number of films and series for the perusal of the users. This feature has earned Disney Plus its popularity. But it is not just the movies that it hosts that has attracted moviegoers to this platform it is the originality of the platform wherein they put the effort and time to create their own content and create original world that has attracted hordes of movie and series watchers to this platform. Moreover the content they create are not just original pieces but also are both intriguing and entrancing. In recent times Disney Plus has been releasing a number of movies and series comprehending the need of the fans for newer and better content. In fact Disney Plus has become a platform where many directors who had initially planned to release their movies on big screen released their movies. Especially in recent times where theatres were shut down due to the pandemic these platforms became the only source of entertainment for the movie watchers as well he only way for the director and producers to release the movie. 

What Does Premier Access Mean On Disney Plus?

Disney Plus as stated earlier became one of these major sources of entertainment wherein movies were released. The parent company of Disney Plus, Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution decides to launch the premiere access of Disney Plus with the release of Mulan one of the most awaited movies ever especially considering the movie supposedly had great effects and because Mulan was initially meant for a theatre release which did not happen. It was to bring the movie to the audience that the production team of Mulan collaborated with Disney Plus to release the movie via premier access on Disney Plus. Premier Access on Disney Plus basically means users of Disney Plus on paying an amount will get access to newly released movies. These movies will eventually be streamed on Disney Plus but during the theatrical window those movies will be made available on via Premiere Access.

How Much Is Premier Access On Disney Plus?

The only drawback with the Premier Access On Disney Plus is that users will need to pay an extra amount to gain access to this service. As stated earlier the premiere access on Disney plus is for movies that are released recently and as of now only two movies on Disney Plus has been offered via the Premiere Access. Mulan in 2020 when it was released in March 2020 and now Raya and the Last Dragon that was just released a few days back in the beginning of March 2021. Both of these movies required users to purchase them at $29.99. Apart from this the monthly subscription of Disney Plus Premier is approximately $6.99. Though this amount varies with the location. 

How Long Do You Have Premier Access On Disney Plus?

Since the users are required to make payment to gain access for the Premier Access On Disney Plus one question that many have been asking is how long is premier access on disney plus. Generally the movies that are released via premiere access on disney plus will be available on Disney Plus without needing the premiere access after the theatre release window which is usually three months. The same was the case with Mulan which was available on Disney Plus after three months. Thus, the  Premier Access On Disney Plus would be available for three months or till when the movie is available on Disney Plus. One advantage of the Premier Access On Disney Plus is that those who use this will be able to watch the movie before the otters and can watch it as many times as they want without needing to pay again and again as it is a one time fee. 

How To Get Disney Plus On Samsung Tv?

Disney Plus was released for Samsung smart TVs sometime back and people have been wondering how to get Disney Plus on Samsung Tv. The process of getting Disney Plus On Samsung Tv is quite simple but what one needs to keep in mind is that this Disney Plus is only available for Samsung Smart Tvs that are released after 2016. Given below are steps that will guide you to get Disney Plus On Samsung Tv

  • Select the Apps option on your TV’s home screen

  • Select the search button in the top right corner of the apps screen with your remote

  • Type “Disney+” and search for it

  • Once the app appears. Choose the Install option to get Disney Plus on your Samsung TV.

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