Close Friends On Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular and most used videos and photo-sharing apps. There are many interesting features in this app and one such interesting feature is adding close friends. This feature makes it very much easier to share the content or Instagram stories only with a limited group of friends and not all the followers. This would enhance the privacy of Instagram users even more. For this, the user must create a close friends list and after that, the option will be shown while posting any content. 

How to Add Close Friends On Instagram?

Adding close friends on Instagram is very simple and easy too. It does not take much time to do this. To add close friends on Instagram the user should follow these steps.

  • First, open the Instagram app on Android or iOS devices.

  • Open the Instagram profile at the bottom right corner.

  • Now click on the username at the top of the profile and click on ‘Close Friends’ (for iOS) or just click on the menu button on the top right and tap on ‘Close Friends’ (for either iOS or Android).

  • If the user does not have a close friends list, a ‘Get Started’ button will be seen. Just click on it. This will lead to a list of suggestions for people to start the list. After choosing the initial list, tap on ‘Create List.’

  • Now, when clicking on the ‘Close Friends’ tab, the list of close friends will be shown. 

How To Add Close Friends On Instagram On PC?

Even though Instagram is a smartphone app, it also can be used on a PC. But using Instagram on PC will not have few options available on Android or iOS devices. Here are the steps to add close friends on Instagram on a PC.

  • Log in to the Instagram account on the PC.

  • Then open a new browser and type ‘’ and replace the username with a friend’s name that the user wants to add to the close friend list.

  • Now click on the ‘Sign In With Instagram’

  • Then click on ‘Authorize’ when it is asked to access the basic information.

  • Type the name of the friend on the search box and add that friend to the Close friend list.

How To See Close Friends List On Instagram?

Just like steps to add friends on Instagram, finding or the ways to see close friends list on Instagram is also very simple. 

  • Firstly, log in to the Instagram Account

  • Open the Instagram profile.

  • Click on the three parallel lines on the top right corner.

  • A set of options will be shown and in that click on the Close Friends option.

  • Two options will be shown, Your List and Suggestions.

  • Tap on Your List to see the close friends on Instagram.

How To Edit Close Friends List On Instagram?

Editing the Close Friends list on Instagram is not a difficult process. Just follow the simple steps given below.

  • Open the Instagram profile page by clicking on the profile picture at the bottom right corner.

  • Click on the three lines at the top right side menu and tap on ‘Close Friends.’

  • If you want to add friends click on Add and if wanted to remove then click on Remove.

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