Bihar E Pass For Lockdown 2021

The Covid-19 cases have been steadily increasing in the past month across the country making the public as well as the Government of the different  states anxious. These state Governments are taking different measures to curb this spread of the virus and bring it under control. One of the measures taken is making epass a mandate. Bihar is one state that has made Bihar E Pass For Lockdown 2021 mandatory for Inter district and inter state travel. Bihar already had a particle lockdown in their state that they extended till 17th May 2021. This partial does not allow all to travel in  the state. Only people belonging to certain categories are allied to travel during this partial lockdown. But even the people belonging to this category will need to have the Bihar E Pass For Lockdown 2021 that they can apply at Bihar epass. You can get the process of applying for Bihar lockdown e pass online at epass.

Who Are Exempted From Applying For Service Online E Pass Bihar?

Given below are the list of people who need to not get the e pass bihar from the app. But these people need to provide Valid Identity Cards

  • Essential services Providers

  • Police

  • Electricity

  • Water

  • Health

  • Fire brigade

  • Private security

  • Financial services such as ATMs, banks, and others

  • Construction activities

  • Agriculture

  • Electronic media

  • Ration shops with a timeline of 6 am to 11 am

  • Shops with a timeline of 6 am to 11 am

  • Judicial offices

  • Healthcare services such as hospitals, dispensaries, and others

  • Goods carrying vehicles

  • Government employees on essential services

Who Need To Apply For Service Online E Pass Bihar?

All those who do not come under the category of the exempted list need to apply for the Bihar lockdown e pass online via the Bihar epass. The Government of Bihar has advised the public of Bihar to restrain from travelling both inter district and inter state. But those in need of the essential services can travel with the e pass Bihar that they can apply via Bihar e pass online apply Anybody who does not fall in the exempted category need to apply for the service online e pass Bihar via the epass.

How To Apply E Pass Bihar At epass?

You can apply for the Bihar lockdown e pass online at the  official link provided by the Bihar Government whose link is given below

  • Open the link

  • Here select the online Application which would drop down a few options

  • One of the options is Issuance of e-pass for COVID-19 disaster

  • Click this and it will take you to the epass Form

  • Here you will need to fill the following details

  •  Name

  • Father’s Name

  • Gender

  • Email

  • Mobile Number

  • From when (Date and Time

  • Till When (Date And Time)

  • Vehicle Type

  • Vehicle Number

  • Number of passengers

  • Purpose of trip

  • Details of From Destination

  • Details of To Destination

After you fill all these details you will need to check the affidavit and a few declarations. Make sure you read them all thoroughly  before tickling them. You can select Proceed after carefully filling the details and ticking the boxes. You will then be taken to the next page where you will need to upload a few documents. Once you upload you can click on Submit.

How To Apply Interstate Bihar Lockdown E Pass Online?

For all those who are travelling inter state either from Bihar to other states or entering Bihar from other other states you need to have the service online Bihar epass with you. The service online Bihar epass form for inter state travel is different from the inter district pass whose application process  via epass is given above. The inter state e pass Bihar government can also be applied from the same website bihar epass. 

  • Once you open the link  scroll down

  • You will see the Issuance of e-pass for COVID-19 disaster in one of the boxes on your left

  • Below that will be the Prescribed form for inter-state e-Pass

  • Click on that

  • This is a PDF form 

  • You will need to fill this form 

  • Once you fill the form take it to District Control Room

  • Once the form and details are checked you will be issued the e pass Bihar for inter state travel

How To Check The Status Of E Pass Bihar?

You can check for the status of e pass bihar at the same website wherein you will find the track application option.

  • Click on this 

  • This will open a page where you need give your mobile number

  • Give the mobile number that you gave during the time you applied

  • This will get you the status of e pass Bihar

How To Download Bihar Lockdown E Pass Online?

Now that people know how to apply for the bihar lockdown e pass online and how to check the status of e pass bihar. The next question that would arise in the minds of people would be how to download the approved e pass bihar. When your e pass bihar government is approved you will receive a message to the mobile number that you had given along with the application. This SMS will have a link from where you will be able to download the service online e pass bihar

Instructions To Remember While Applying For For E Pass Bihar Government

  • The e Pass Bihar will only be those individuals who need to travel within the state for essential services or for emergencies

  • The e pass Bihar is offered in different different categories for different people.

  • If the authorities do not find the reason or the purpose for travel a valid one, the application will be rejected.

  • People who need to travel outside the state need to apply for ePass as well as also have to fill up an offline form .

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