How To Download Attendance In Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a software that gained popularity during the pandemic when everyone was forced to stay indoors. This was the application that was the go to application for all institutions be it educational institutions or businesses. The app as the name suggests was developed by Microsoft. Microsoft Teams was developed as a part of the Microsoft 365 family of products. The features of this software made this very user friendly. Microsoft Teams lets its users chat on private lines and have group chats, users can share files, conduct meetings via group video calls and make normal as well as video calls individually. But one of questions that was frequently raised with regard to this app is if there is an attendance in Microsoft Teams and how to download attendance in microsoft teams. 

Attendance In Microsoft Teams

Initially there was no such thing called the attendance in teams now were there features to download attendance in teams. This was what prompted the users of Microsoft Teams to raise questions of how to download attendance in teams and how to download attendance in microsoft teams. This was a question that was particularly raised by the educational institutions that used Microsoft Teams especially during the pandemic when taking physical attendance during video calls was literally impossible. Taking this into consideration and the demands of many others Microsoft came up with the updated Microsoft teams that lets users download attendance. Here is how to download attendance in microsoft teams.

How To Download Attendance In Teams?

Since Microsoft made the announcement about the option of downloading attendance on teams users of the application have been teeming to know about how to download attendance in teams and how to download attendance in microsoft teams. The process for how to download attendance in microsoft teams is not all that difficult, in fact it is quite easy. Microsoft also lets you download the attendance from different locations to make it easier for the users as they no longer need to search for it. Users can download it either In the meeting chat or In the meeting invite. But Microsoft does not anyone one who attends the meeting download the attendance only the meeting organiser can download the attendance on Microsoft Teams. 

The attendance in Microsoft not just includes the names of the people who joined the meeting but also the time when they joined the meeting and when they left the meeting. This is a more thorough report of the attendance and educational institutions especially teachers can discern who is in the meeting for the whole duration and who leaves half way. Given below are steps for how to download attendance in teams for both from meeting chat and from meeting invite.

From The Meeting Chat

  • A tab named Attendance report will show up in the chat five minutes after your meeting ends. 

  • Click on this to download the report.

  • The file will be downloaded in the .CSV file 

  • Open it using Excel 

From Meeting Invite

  • Once the meeting is over in Teams, go to Calendar

  • Open the meeting

  • Now on the Details tab look for the tile named Attendance report 

  • Select this to download 

  • The file will be downloaded in the .CSV file 

  • Open it using Excel 

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