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Arriva App

Arriva App is a UK based app that is categorized under the Travel & Local category. The  Arriva App has been active for sometime now since 2017 and is one of the most popular apps in the UK which is preferred by almost all in the country. The app though began with a slow reception, was received better as the years went by and people began realizing the advantage of the Arriva App. But despite being one of the popular apps the Arriva App has faced a number of problems making people complain that  Arriva App Not Working. The issue of Arriva App Not Working is a recurring event for the users of the app. In fact there are people who have stopped using the app because of the Arriva bus app problems.  Let us look at what these Arriva bus app problems that result in Arriva App Not Working in the section below. But before we delve into the problem of Arriva App Not Working let us look at the features of the app so that we know where the Arriva App Not Working problem arises.

Features of Arriva App

The  Arriva app was developed with a view to make traveling easier for the people of the UK. Below are some of the steps that the Arriva app has taken to ensure that the passengers of the UK get a safe and comfortable  travel experience. 

  • You can Plan your journey in real-time 

  • You can easily purchase m-tickets 

  • The journey planner in the app makes it easier for you to get from A to B

  • The interactive map in the app gets you the live feed of bus near you 

  • The app will also inform you of sudden cancellations

Arriva App Not Working

Arriva App Not Working is a complaint that has been made by many users of the app at various points of time. The app has also tried its best to solve this issue of Arriva App Not Working with various updates that they have come up with over the years. But the general opinion is that the issue of Arriva App Not Working generally arises if there are issues with connectivity or the device which can be solved by the concerned persons themselves. Thus, Arriva bus app problems are not something that is a major issue generally considered. But if you are still unable to solve the Arriva bus app problems after you try a few methods, you can contact the app and they will guide you through the process of solving the Arriva bus app problems. If you are all wondering what can be done when faced with Arriva App Not Working. Given below are somethings that you can try in the face of Arriva App Not Working

How To Fix Arriva Bus App Problems?

  • Generally the issue of  Arriva App Not Working might be a temporary loading issue. Closing the app and trying it again may make the app work

  • Users can also try Hard reboot in your Android mobile. This can be done by pressing and holding down the Home and Power buttons at the same time.

  • If both these methods do not work when faced with Arriva App Not Working wait till your phone battery drains turns off automatically. Charge the phone and try again this might work

  •  Uninstall and reinstall the app

  • Sometimes there might be issues with the server, if that is the case you can try again after sometime and this might solve the issue of Arriva App Not Working

  • Check You Internet/WiFi Connectivity

These are just some methods that one can try to fix Arriva bus app problems. But as stated earlier none of these work for you, you can try calling the app Arriva and they will guide with the Arriva App Not Working problem and help you solve the Arriva bus app problems

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