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How to Get Free US Number for Whatsapp Verification?

How to get US number for Whatsapp? Since there are a lot of benefits to using Whatsapp from a US number, a lot of people are trying to get US number for Whatsapp. One of the primary benefits of using Whatsapp from a US number is that you get to have a lot of privacy. When you use Whatsapp with a virtual phone number, your personal number will not be displayed, and this will help you maintain your privacy. Using an international number will retain your privacy, enhance your reach and more such things. So, how to get free US number for Whatsapp verification. The following apps and methods will help you get a free US number for Whatsapp. 


  1. Download and install the Primo app from Google PlayStore. 

  2. Sign up and register to the app but remember that you will have to use your original number to sign up to the app. 

  3. Once the verification process is complete, you will be able to access the menu. 

  4. On clicking the menu, you will be able to access your US number. 

  5. Make a note of your number and delete the existing version of Whatsapp and install a new one. 

  6. Enter the US number for app verification. 

  7. You will now have to wait for the “Call Me” option. 

  8. Click on this option and wait for a call from Primo. 

  9. Listen to the call and make a note of your verification number. 

  10. Your Whatsapp should now be running with the US number. This is one of the best ways to get free US number for Whatsapp. 

Text Plus

  1. Download and install Text Plus on your device from Google PlayStore. 

  2. Register yourself with the app with necessary details like gender, name, date of birth, password, and email.

  3. Once you register with the app, select the menu option where you will get a number using the Text Plus app. 

  4. Provide information on your country and select the US and its code number. 

  5. Now, verify your Whatsapp with the new number. This app is one of the best methods to get free US number for Whatsapp. 

2nd Line

  1. Download and install 2nd Line from Google PlayStore. 

  2. Select “Get the Free Phone Number” option. 

  3. On clicking this option, you will have to provide your email address and password. 

  4. Click Yes and confirm your permission. 

  5. Now, select an area code according to your choice. Click continue once you select an area code. 

  6. You will be provided with US number along with its area code.

  7. Select a number of your choice and click continue. 

  8. Open Whatsapp and enter the new number (Remember to add extension).

  9. Now, it is expected that Whatsapp will try to send a verification code to the new number which will fail. 

  10. Choose the “Call Me” option. 

  11. You will now get a call from 2nd Line app, therefore remember to keep the app open. 

  12. Pick up and make a note of your verification code. 

  13. Enter this code on Whatsapp. 

  14. You will now be able to use your Whatsapp with US number. If you are wondering how to get free US number for Whatsapp verification, then this is one of the best methods. 

We hope, the methods mentioned above helped you know how to get free US number for Whatsapp verification. 

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