How To Hide Apps On iPhone?

How to Hide Apps is not something that popped up recently, almost all users of mobile phones especially smartphones have asked at least once how to hide apps. There are many reasons why this question could have popped up from wanting to hide apps from others who are snooping or because you are addicted to certain apps.

Users of iPhone are not exempted from this as how to hide apps on iPhone is also something that is frequently asked. In fact, Can I hide apps on iPhone is also something that is regularly asked? Yes, iPhone users can hide apps on iPhone especially those with iOS 14.

How to Hide Apps?

There are a number of ways to hide apps on the iPhone. This is because the iPhone has smart suggestions, an app gallery, and sometimes apps even come as suggestions when you are searching for apps. There is a way to hide apps in all these scenarios. 

How To Hide Apps On iPhone From Smart Suggestions?

  • Suggestions widget generally appears in the home screen

  • Here press and hold on the app that you want hidden

  • A pop-up menu will appear with the  Don’t Suggest option 

  • Tap on this option

This will hide the app from the smart suggestions

How To Hide Apps On iPhone Using The App Library?

  • In the app gallery press and hold the app that you want hidden

  • A pop menu will appear 

  • Here choose the option Remove app

  • Once you choose that you will get the option Move to App Library

This will move your app to the library. This is an option for iOS 14 users. You can easily unhide these apps from the App Library. But as of now there has been no updates on how to hide Apps On iPhone from the App Library thus one cannot hide apps from App Library

  • Tap on the “Settings’ icon.

  • Tap the ‘Siri & Search’ option here.​

  • This will open a page where a list of all the applications will be shown.

  • Choose the app that you wish to hide form the app section

  • Click on the application, and a few options will be shown .

  • Toggle off on these options –  

  • The apps will be hidden.

Your iPhone will act as though this app no longer exists in your phone, in fact even notifications will be hidden. These apps can be unhidden by going back to the Siri and Search option where you tick those boxes you un ticked.

How To Hide Apps On iPhone From App Store?

  • Go to app store

  • Tap on the account button 

  • Now tap on purchased or My purchases 

  • Go to the app you want to hide

  • Swipe the app to the left 

  • You will get the Hide option 

  • Now select Done

You can unhide these apps from Hidden Purchases, find the app you want and press on dlownload. This is for How to hide apps on iphone from  app store and not your phone as such. 

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