Emoji Keyboard Shortcuts

Emoji is the commonly used term amidst the people who send and receive text messages today. The little emotive characters are used by the text senders to express their emotions for the message received. Mostly the emojis are sent on Android devices. The Emoji Keyboard Shortcuts will help you to send the Emojis on PC, Laptop and Mac. The Emoji Keyboard Shortcuts for various emotions are given below.

These Emoji Keyboard Shortcuts will insert the emoji on the screen, and people can send it to their friends and family and have more fun. Sending emoji is a kind of expressing your inner emotions, and it will create and a personalised relationship between the sender and the receiver. Emojis are sent in the informal conversation. Using emoji in a formal conversation should be avoided as it may create a negative impact. Get the Emoji Keyboard Shortcuts and have a more fulfilled texting experience. 

iPhone Emoji Keyboard Shortcuts

The functions and the settings of the iPhone will be different from the settings of the other Android devices. The iPhone users can follow the steps given below,


  • Initially, go to Settings and click General and then Keyboards.

  • On the Keyboards page, click on Add New Keyboard.

  • Then Click on the Emoji option. After that, follow the process given below.

  • Go to the keyboard, tap on the + icon, and tap on the Smiley to create the shortcut.

  • Then you will be entered into the emoji keyboard as shown in the image.

  • You can send any emoji as per your need.

If you Tap the Smiley Image as shown in the image, you can reach the emoji Keyboard, and If you tap on the ABC icon, you will reach the Alphabets Keyboard.

How To Enable Emoji Keyboard On Mac Using Mac Emoji Keyboard Shortcut?

Get the Mac Emoji Shortcuts to use the Emoji Keyboard and have the most funfilled texting experience, follow the instructions to enable Emoji Keyboard using Mac Emoji Keyboard Shortcuts,

  • Open the prominent Messaging App and follow the instructions g8iven below.

  • Click on Control, Command and Spacebar Keys in the Mac Keyboard.

  • Press the keys simultaneously at the same time, and you will get the Emoji Keyboard on the page.

  • Click on the desired emoji character, and you will get it in the text box.

  • Thus Mac Emoji Keyboard Shortcut is Control, Command and Spacebar Keys.

Laughing Emoji Keyboard Shortcut

Laughing Emoji Keyboard Shortcut
Shortcuts Emoji
🙂 or 🙂 Smiling Emoji Keyboard Shortcut
:] Contented Emoji Keyboard Shortcut
😉 Winking Eyes Emoji Keyboard Shortcut
😀 Laughing Emoji Keyboard Shortcut
XD Closing The Eyes And Laughing Emoji Keyboard Shortcut
:p Goofy Emoji Keyboard Shortcut
;p Wink and Goofy Emoji Keyboard Shortcut
😎 Cool Emoji Keyboard Shortcut

Use the Laughing Emoji Shortcuts on the table and have fun while texting. The Laughing Emoji Shortcuts are used to express the happiness of the person. In case there is a funny conversation between each other, the Laughing Emojis are sent to express their happiness. Use 😀 to express Laughter and XD refers to laughing by closing the eyes. And XP refers to Naughty emotions.

Crying Emoji Keyboard Shortcut

Crying Emoji Keyboard Shortcut
Shortcuts Emoji
:l or :-I Dull Emoji Keyboard Shortcut
🙁  or 🙁 Sad Emoji Keyboard Shortcut
:-/ Sick Emoji Keyboard Shortcut
;-( Tearful Crying Emoji Keyboard Shortcut
:-O Surprised Emoji Keyboard Shortcut
o_o Grossed Out Emoji Keyboard Shortcut
O_O Tweak Face Emoji Keyboard Shortcut

Use the Crying  Emoji Shortcuts on the table and have an emotional texting experience. The Crying Emojis are used in the text message to express the sadness of the person. The person’s emotions and his sad and melancholic emotions are expressed through Cry Emoji Keyboard Shortcuts. 🙁 is used to express sadness. ;( this refers to tears. :/ refers to Sick.

Lovely Emoji Keyboard Shortcut

Lovely Emoji Keyboard Shortcut
Shortcuts Emoji
😡 Kissy Emoji Keyboard Shortcut
Heart Emoji Keyboard Shortcut
😡 Kissy Emoji Keyboard Shortcut
#) Poundie Emoji Keyboard Shortcut
^.^ Nerdie Poundie Emoji Keyboard Shortcut
^_^ Nerdie Poundie Emoji Keyboard Shortcut

The Lovely Emoji Shortcuts will help you to send cute, lovely, and blushy emotions while texting. If you happen to express shy, blushing, and cute emotions, the Lovely Emojis are used. refers to heart and to denote kisses :X this shortcut is used.

How To Insert Shrug Emoji Using Keyboard Shortcut?

Follow the instructions given below to know How To Insert Shrug Emoji Using Keyboard Shortcut,


  • Initially, reach the setting and click on the General option and tap Shortcuts.

  • Enable the shortcut option and click on the + icon and paste the ¯_(ツ)_/¯ in the space bar.

  • And save the emoji with the name Shrug, and you can use the emoji by simply clicking on the icon.

Read the entire article prudently to know How To Insert Emoji On Keyboard, iPhone, Mac and other devices. Get to know different emotions Emoji Keyboard Shortcuts and have fulfilled texting experience.

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