How to Pause or Cancel Audible Membership?

Audible is an Inc owned online audiobook and podcast service that allows users to buy and listen to audiobooks and other spoken-word material. This content can be purchased individually or as part of a subscription model, in which the user earns monthly “credits” that can be exchanged for content and access to a curated on-demand library. Audible is the largest audiobook manufacturer and retailer in the United States. Audible offers a free 30-day trial when you sign up, allowing you to quickly experience the world of fictional storytelling. For those who are curious, it’s also worth noting that Audible offers free books to listen to. But, let’s be honest, our grandiose audiobook plans don’t always work out. Finally, you may want to cancel your Audible subscription before the free trial expires. Audible’s desktop portal allows you to cancel your membership if you’re a beginner or a long-time listener who isn’t getting the most out of your subscription.

What is Audible Cancel Membership?

You will not be charged $14.95 a month if you cancel your Audible subscription, and you will not obtain the monthly credit that allows you to listen to one audiobook. You can retain the following things even if you cancel your Membership,

  • Retain access to the books you’ve purchased.

  • Be able to purchase audiobooks from Audible or Amazon at full price.

  • Receive Audible books as gifts from others.

How to Pause Audible Membership?

Many people who use this app is asking can i pause my audible membership, the answer is yes you can. Check out the steps given below to know how to pause your Audible Membership.

  • You’ll need to contact customer support to pause your subscription, Pick My Account in answer to the first question. Click here to visit the page.

  • In the second stage, select Pause Membership from the dropdown menu that appears.

  • To submit the request, choose Chat, Phone, or Email.

How to Cancel Audible Membership?

It’s also simple to cancel your membership, but you’ll need to do so from a desktop browser. Go to the Audible website and sign up.

  • Select Hi, [your name], followed by Account Details.

  • If you aren’t taken to the page right away, select View membership info.

  • Select Cancel membership at the bottom of the Your membership section.

  • Your unused credits will be shown on the next tab, which you will lose if you cancel. If you want to retain your account, choose Keep membership. 

  • If you’re still interested in proceeding, pick No thanks, cancel now to complete your cancellation.

Note: You will be able to restart your subscription after canceling it, but you will be technically beginning a new one. If you’ve already had a free trial associated with your account, you won’t be able to get another one, so you won’t be able to get another free book.

Can I cancel Audible subscriptions on annual Audible plans?

You won’t be able to stop your Audible subscription if you have an annual contract. This is due to the fact that you have basically pre-paid for the whole year. You can, however, cancel your subscription and hold and access any audiobooks in your library even if you don’t have a membership.

What are the important instructions to look out for before canceling the Audible subscription?

If you cancel your membership, you automatically lose any unspent credits still in your account, so It would be better to either pause your membership or spend these credits before you cancel. Suppose you still decide to cancel after paying your remaining credits. In that case, you will always have access to your audiobooks through your account on any device, so you can still access your Library and listen at any time. Simply uninstalling the Audible app from your phone or tablet will not delete your membership. Likewise, canceling your membership is much simpler from a computer, but you can perform the steps below from your phone or tablet, as long as you are using the device’s web browser.

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