How To Post Music On Instagram Without Copyright?

Can you really post music on Instagram without copyright? Are you aware of using copyrighted music on Instagram posts, IGTVs, videos, or Lives? Be informed whether the application allows one to post Instagram music without copyright. So, notice that no, there is no bypass to Instagram music copyright. According to Instagram’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines, one can only “post content to Instagram that doesn’t violate someone else’s intellectual property rights”. It is sure that you would not want to violate copyright laws as well as you do not want your post to be removed.

As already said, Instagram does not allow you to post music without copyright. So, you will know need to steps to add music to your story, videos, etc. Below given are Instagram Copyright Music Rules shared by the application. This will reduce confusion regarding copyright issues. Following are those 4 rules, make your content safe,

  • Always post a video when you are sharing music. According to this point, there must always be a visual section to your video and the recorded audio must not be the main reason for the video.

  • Keep your video short. According to this point, you need to know that, use short clips of music. The greater the number of full-length recorded musical tracks in a video, you will tend to make it limited.

  • Unlimited music for your Instagram Stories and traditional musical performances as well.

  • Instagram’s copyright free music- You can also use Instagram’s copyright-free music named Facebook Sound Collection. It is not a secret anymore that Facebook / Instagram has created a library of copyright-free music and sounds so that the app user can use them. 

What Are Other Things That Can Be Done Regarding Copyright On Instagram?

  • You can always ask for permission. It is a safer and easier option for some artists. You can always reach out to the artist and get the artist’s permission to use their music prior to posting it.

  • You can always give credit in your caption while posting. This will help you in appealing, however, this can not prevent the Instagram system from recognizing your copyrighted music. You can always use this method to showcase that you did not intend to claim the music as your own.

  • How about collaboration? You can also reach out to local musicians or even smaller artists to understand if you can work collectively to create system sounds for your Instagram videos. This will be mutual between both parties. 

  • You can also use royalty free music. There is a certain royalty free music library, such as HookSounds, which enables you to use a lot of various types of music for Instagram.

You need to always be aware of what the consequences might be if your music is found to be having copyright issues. Following might be the outcomes,

  • Your post might be muted as well as the music can be blocked from playing,

  • You can even expect an end to your live stream

  • Finally, there might be complete taking down of your Instagram post

What Are The Features Of Instagram Stories?

We have given down some of the features of Instagram stories below. Have a look through it!

  • The stories are similar to Snapchat where the small clips of video vanish after 24 hours.

  • You can have multiple visits to the stories within that 24 hours.

  • The Instagram stories usually appear as small circles on the top.

  • Instagram Stories are one of the main aspects of the app.

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