Amazon Rewards Credit Text

The Amazon rewards credit text goes something like, ‘You have a new Amazon Reward’. The text comes along with a link that redirects you to a fake Amazon webpage. Such messages are phoney and are not sent out by Amazon. So it is important to check the authenticity of such messages and websites before you avail of their services. Also, make sure not to click on any links that pop up on these websites since they can harm your device. Scroll down for more details on this scam.

Amazon Rewards Credit Text Message Scam

Initially, you receive a text message stating that you have won a special reward or coupon from Amazon. Attached with the text is a link that redirects users to a fake web page resembling the original website. Always check the name of the website when using such links. If you look at it closely you will notice that the name is different. Several products are displayed at cheap rates to entice people into buying them. This is where the scam takes place since people get excited about the rates. When you choose to buy a product, it redirects to a fake billing page where you are required to enter your credit/debit card details. Once you enter them, they are stored by the scammer who can then take over your funds. These types of scams are called smishing scams. Read on to learn more about this. 

Amazon Bonus Credit Text – Smishing Scam

‘Smishing’ refers to the fraudulent practice of sending text messages posing as reputable companies. They then try to steal sensitive information like usernames, passwords, credit card/ debit card details, etc. so it is important for consumers to be aware of such scams. If you come across such messages please ensure that you do not click on any links or divulge any sensitive information. Make sure to delete such messages and block the numbers. Official offers are usually notified through their social media pages. So always check with others or online if you come across such messages.

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