How To Record A Call On iPhone?

iPhone is one brand of mobile that though considered top notch and luxurious is the ultimate aim for many mobile fanatics. The brand in itself is one of the pushing forces for this keen interest towards wanting to own it but features also play a very important role. But despite the endless features offered by the iPhone one feature that it does not provide is the call recorder iPhone. In fact the developers of the iPhone are quite strict about not letting iPhone users use call recorder iphone. But this has not stopped people from wanting to know how to record a phone call on iPhone. The eagerness that iPhone users show towards wanting to know how to record a call on iPhone, is also because many are not aware that the iPhone does not allow users to record calls. But there are ways in which you can record calls on iPhone. 

Rules For Phone Call Recording

When one wants to record calls be it on iPhone or any phone one needs to be aware that recording phone calls is not always legal there are some countries where recording phone calls is completely illegal while there are other countries where within certain conditions phone calls can be recorded. But recording a phone call in which you are not an active participant is completely illegal and it is advised that one does not indulge in recording phone calls in which you are not an active participant. Sometimes you will only need one party consent wherein as long as you are a participant in the phone call you can record it. There are places where two party consent is required for call recording wherein both the parties involved need to be aware that their call is being recorded and must give their consent for the same. Thus, make sure that you know the laws that govern phone call recording in your place thoroughly and do accordingly. 

How To Record A Phone Call On Iphone?

There are three primary ways for how to record a phone call on iPhone – an external method wherein you use an external hardware as a call recorder iphone, internally wherein you install an app as the call recorder iphone and using a recorder with input. The first method is the more simpler and easier method wherein all you need is an external voice recorder that will help you with how to record a call on iphone. Buy any voice recorder switch on the device and begin recording. At the sametime put your iPhone on speaker while on call. This will record your iPhone call on the voice recorder which you can get back to any time. But this option though simple is not an option that one should resort to if they want to record phone calls professionally. This is a method that one can use if the call recorder iphone is for personal use.

Software Call Recorder Iphone With Rev Call Recorder

The next best way to record phone calls on iPhone is using an app. One of the apps that assists in this way to record phone calls is the Rev Call recorder. You will need to download the app before you begin recording calls. When you record a call using the Rev Call Recorder iPhone for the first time you will be given a tutorial of how to go about things which will definitely help you. The process of recording for this way to record phone calls is different for both incoming and outgoing calls. Given below are the steps that you will need to follow for both the cases. 

How To Record A Call On Iphone For Outgoing Using Rev Call Recorder?

  • Launch the Rev app

  • Tap Start Recorded Call 

  • Here tap on Outgoing call

  • Now type in the phone number you want to call or select from your contacts

  • Tap Start call

  • The app will prompt you with a Call option to call Rev’s recording phone number. Tap on this

  • When both the calls are connected tap on Merge option

  • From this point onward your call is recorded

How To Record A Call On Iphone For Incoming Using Rev Call Recorder?

  • Accept the call like you usually would

  • After you attend open the Rev app

  • Tap Start Recorded Call 

  • Here tap on  Incoming call.

  • You will be asked to tap Call to dial into Rev’s recording phone

  • Once both calls are connected you need to tap Merge calls

These different buttons and tapping might seem daunting at first but these are quite easy and you will get a call recorder iphone that is more refined that using an external hardware. 

How To Record A Call On Iphone Using A Recorder With An Input?

This is the final way to record phone calls that is both efficient and effective is call recording using a recorder with an input. This gives an effect that is equal to that of a professional recording. This is a way to record phone calls that you can record to if you are recording for professional reasons like an interview. You will need to have a recorder with an input. There are various options on the internet that offer great recording with an input select and choose a one that you feel would be your best bet. You also need a cable to connect to your iPhone. If you want to record your side of your conversation as well you’ll need a mic and an XLR cable. With these you can easily call record with a great quality. 

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