How to recover deleted photos from Whatsapp?

Almost everyone who uses Whatsapp would have wondered if it’s possible to recover deleted photos. It is because it is quite hard to retrieve photos that you delete, but at the same time, it is not impossible to retrieve them. Whatsapp stores all messages and images on a cloud server so if you have automatic backup enabled, it is easy to retrieve data. Read on to learn more about the different methods to recover deleted photos.

Check If There Is a Copy On Your Phone

By default, Whatsapp will automatically download images from chat to your device. So if you deleted a photo on Whatsapp, your phone might still have a copy stored on the device. So go through your phone’s gallery to see if you have the photo you are looking for. To make the search easier, switch to albums mode and look under Whatsapp. This is where all photos from Whatsapp are usually stored. You can also search by the time and date to be more specific. If you can’t find it here, there are other methods that you can try

Recover it from the Person or Group that sent the photo

If there is no sign of the photo on your device you can always ask the person who sent it for the photo. If you were the person who uploaded the photo and sent it to a person or group, then other members of the group or the person who you sent the picture might still have a copy. So ask the person to check the Whatsapp chat for the picture. If you delete a pic on your WhatsApp it doesn’t delete it for others as well. So you can ask people for the photo and the odds are that they might still be having it.

Restore Chat through Whatsapp Backup

If you can’t retrieve the photo from your device or another device, then the next step is through Whatsapp backup. But this method will work only if you have the Whatsapp backup feature enabled at the time of deleting the image. If this was disabled then you can’t use this method. To restore your back up go to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup. You will be able to see the information here, including when the latest backup was taken. So if you deleted the photo within this time frame, then you can delete and reinstall WhatsApp to restore the photo to your device. Keep in mind that doing this will delete all the information that is available after the backup time. So if there is some important text or picture, make sure to make a copy of it.

Use a Recovery Application

If none of the above-mentioned methods works, then you can try using a third-party application. You can find several apps that promise to recover deleted photos and other data. But none of them are official applications. Added to this, they require root access to your phone and this might at times harm your phone. Your phone or antivirus may detect the app as a virus and disable it, or even worse the application can damage your system files and corrupt your device. So always use such apps with caution and at your discretion. To find out about safe and authentic apps you can follow community threads like Reddit and Quora to get a solution.

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