Ants in Your Laptop

Having ants on your laptop can be quite annoying. Imagine browsing the internet, writing something, or playing a video game when suddenly you feel a sharp pain in your hand. Added to this ants can even harm your hardware by nipping away wires and other important equipment. So it is recommended you get rid of them as soon as possible before it turns into a full-scale infestation. Read on to learn how you can take care of the situation.

How to Remove Ants from Laptop?

As mentioned above, dealing with a bunch of ants can be quite a problem but it is a solvable one. Listed below are some of the ways to take care of the problem,

  • Shaking your Laptop

  • Vacuuming the Laptop

  • Cleaning Your Laptop

  • Using Ant Baits

  • Makeshift Moat

You can easily take care of the situation through these methods. Read on to learn how you can execute them.

Shaking Your Laptop

This is the easiest and simplest way to solve the problem. But this will work if there are only a few ants inside. Just pick up your laptop and give it a good shake with the keyboard facing downwards. The sudden movements will scare ants and make them lose their grip. Be careful since a few might crawl on to your hands. After shaking set your laptop aside for a couple of minutes and you can see ants crawling out your laptop.

Vacuuming The Laptop

This is another simple but more efficient way to get rid of the ants. Just run a vacuum on low or normal pressure to suck all the ants. To make it more efficient you can open the back of your laptop to vacuum the components directly. But make sure not to use high pressure as it might damage your components especially important ones like RAM, CPU, or GPU. So take your time to go about the process carefully. 

Cleaning your Laptop

Cleaning your laptop is something you need to do regularly, irrespective of whether or not you have an ant problem. You just need to open the back casing of your laptop to open it thoroughly. But laptops are quite fragile so unless you are confident about it don’t do it alone. You can get the help of someone familiar when you are cleaning for the first time. Once you are familiar with the handling, you can do the cleaning on your own. You can also watch tutorials on YouTube to learn.

Using Ant Baits

You can use some traditional baits to lure out ants from your laptop. Just mix some borax with anything sweet like sugar or honey. Borax is extremely poisonous for ants and ingesting it will kill them. But this method is not a guaranteed way to solve your problem but it is still worth a shot.

Using a Makeshift Moat

Ants are naturally repelled by water. So they tend to relocate if they find themselves to be within proximity of water. So if you can make a makeshift moat and place your laptop on top of it, the ants might group up and try to get away from the water. Be careful while trying this since water can ruin your laptop if it were to submerge in it. This is again not a guaranteed method to solve your problem but it can still be fun to try it out.

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