Laptop Shutdown Shortcut Key

The majority of the Laptop users have the common query that is How To Shutdown Laptop With Keyboard? Shutting Down the Laptop is the process of switching off the PC once your work is done. The Laptop users will have to press the Power Button and select the Shutdown Option to Shut Down the computer. The Laptop users will wonder Why Microsoft is not including the one-click Shutdown button on the desktop? Here you will get the most interesting strategy to Shutdown the Laptop with Keyboard. Continue reading to know the Laptop Shutdown Shortcut Key. Laptop Shutdown Shortcut Key will help you to Shutdown the Laptop easily. Get the Laptop Shutdown Shortcut Key by reading the following content given below.

How To Shutdown Laptop With Keyboard?

The Laptop Shutdown Shortcut key will help you shut down the laptop without complexity. The following are the five steps that can be utilised to Shutdown The Laptop easily. By following the steps meticulously you can Shutdown the Laptop without following the mundane steps. Scroll down to know How To Shutdown Laptop With Keyboard?

Step 1: Reprogram the Power Button

  • In Windows 10 Laptop, click the search bar and type ‘Power’ and click the search icon.

  • In the search results appeared in the window.

  • Click on ‘Choose what the power buttons do’

  • Then click ‘When I press the power button’ 

  • In the options that appeared on the screen choose the ‘Shutdown’ option.

  • Then click on Save Changes to register the process.

By following the instructions you can Shutdown the Laptop by clicking the Power Button.

Step 2: Add Customised Shutdown Shortcut

  • By following the steps given below you can create your own Shutdown Shortcut on your PC

  • The following is the three Click Shutdown Process.

  • Right Click on the Desktop and follow the instructions 

  • Then click New and then click on the Shortcut icon.

  • Then paste the following text in the blank space of the page.

  • %windir%System32shutdown.exe /s /t 0 – Click this to create your own shortcut.

  • Then click Next to complete the shortcut setup.

  • By enabling double Click on the icon you can Shut Down the Laptop.

By following the instructions you can Shutdown the Laptop using the Shortcut ways.

Step 3: Shutdown Using Right Click

  • The Right Click the Mouse Button will take you to the list of options on the desktop.

  • There are also the options “Shut down or sign out” in the list.

  • Then click on the Shutdown from the option to Shutdown the Laptop.

Step 4: By Pressing ALT+F4

  • By clicking the ALT+F4 you can turn off your laptop.

  • After pressing ALT+F4, the drop-down menu will appear on the screen.

  • Then click on the Shutdown option and click the Enter Button to Shutdown the keyboard.

Thus Laptop Shutdown Shortcut Key is ALT+F4. Read the entire article and follow the steps prudently to know Laptop Shutdown Shortcut Key. By reading the content you will get to know How To Shutdown Laptop With Keyboard?


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