How to Unlock a Blacklisted Phone for Free?

A phone that has been reported stolen or lost is classified as a blacklisted phone. It’s a phone that has been blocked from being used or enabled by a particular carrier. The IMEI or ESN numbers of the reported phone are stored in a database known as the Blacklist. Most countries have a similar Blacklist, and the GSMA maintains an international database with this information. International Mobile Equipment Identity is abbreviated as IMEI, and Electronic Serial Number is abbreviated as ESN. They’re a compilation of numbers that are hardcoded into all of the city’s newest smartphones.

Reasons to Get Your Phone Blacklisted

Some of the reasons that may end up getting your phone blacklisted are given below,

  • Improper Information

  • Lost or Stolen Phones

  • Phone Insurance Fraud

  • Unpaid Bills

What are the Restrictions of a Blacklisted Phone?

  • Unable to send text messages

  • Unable to receive or make calls

  • Access to the internet via Wi-Fi only, no mobile data cannot be used.

How to Unlock a Blacklisted Phone for Free?

To unlock or roll your phone from the blacklist then do the following steps,

Check for the Phone’s IMEI/ESN

Checking for the IMEI number is the first step in unlocking your blacklisted phone. This can be achieved by dialing *#06# from a blacklisted phone.

Contact your service provider

The next step is to contact your mobile service provider with the IMEI or ESN number of the phone you want to unlock. 

Provide your wireless carrier with the necessary information

You will not be eligible for a phone unlock if you owe money or have not completed your service contract requirements. Your IMEI/ ESN number, name, and contact details must be given to your wireless carrier.

Wait to be provided with an unlock code

The unlock code for your phone can be sent to you by email. In certain cases, you might need to go to a nearby retailer. To unlock your phone, follow the on-screen instructions. To unlock a blacklisted phone, you’ll usually need to insert a SIM card from another carrier and then enter the unlock code at a prompt.

How to Avoid Getting a Blacklisted Phone?

Check out these steps given below, in order to avoid yourself from getting a blacklisted phone,

  • Check before you buy a used phone.

  • Purchase Sim directly from the Carrier/ Network.

  • Purchase the mobile from a reputable used cell phone retailer

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