How to Unlock a Network Locked Phone?

Sometimes new phones come with a network lock on them. As long as it is locked, users will be unable to use it with a different network’s SIM card. But it is possible to unlock your device and remove the block. There are a few different ways of doing this, and it is almost universally legal at the moment. But it is best to check the laws in your region before proceeding. The process to unlock a network locked phone is the same for almost any mobile. Scroll down to learn about the different ways to unlock a network locked phone

How to Unlock a Network Locked Phone for Free?

The only way to unlock a Network Locked Phone for free is by installing a custom ROM. Usually unlocking a network locked phone requires a special code that has to be bought from the network. So to do it for free, you can unlock the phone on your own by installing a custom ROM. but this is a complicated process since finding a custom ROM is not easy. Android has software that has many varieties and it is more complicated for iOS. So the whole process requires a lot of technical expertise. But it is not possible, all the information on how to do it is available on the internet. But in some cases, unlocking your phone through this method may null certain perks like the warranty on the device, service benefits, etc. So it is best to unlock your phone through your network provider. Find out how to do this below.

Unlocking Network Locked Phone Through the Network

Unlocking the Network lock on your phone is best done through your Network provider. To avail of this service, you must know the IMEI number of your device. To obtain the IMEI number, just dial *#06# into your handset and the IMEI number will be displayed. Once you have the code, you can contact your network provider and place a request to unlock your phone. They will ask for your IMEI number in return and charge a fee for unlocking your device. Once you’ve completed all the procedures, the unlock code will usually be provided in a week’s time. Once you have the code, switch off the device and remove the SIM. Switch it on without the SIM and enter the code to remove the network block on your phone. 

How to Unlock Network Locked Phone Through Third-Party Companies?

You can also unlock your phone through independent third-party companies. It can be done through independent shops in your neighbourhood or online. Just ensure that it is a trusted source. Unlocking your phone through this method is cheaper and faster but there is a risk of invalidating your warranty and other similar perks.

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