Double Masks Guidelines

Masks have been there since the spread of Covid-19 in 2020, but in the beginning of 2021 when there was a surge in the spread of SARS-CoV-2 the virus in Covid-19 universal masking had been made mandatory. Wearing masks is one of the most effective ways to fight against the Covid-19. But there is a right way to use the mask. One of the methods is the Double masking, but one will need to know How To Wear Double Mask and Right Way To Wear Double Mask. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted a number of experiments with these masks to find out which is the best way to use the mask. You can access the survey and experiment conducted by CDC. And it was found that Double masks are a great way to wear masks that would reduce one’s chance of getting infected. This has raised the question How To Wear Double Masks and the right way to wear double masks. Find How To Wear Double Masks and the right way to wear double masks here in the section below.

How To Wear Double Mask?

CDC conducted these experiments with a pliable elastomeric headform that would simulate a person coughing which would produce aerosol which is what is usually produced when coughs. This experiment would enable the CDC to identify which is the best way to wear a mask and the right way to wear double masks. The increased cases in Covid-19 as well as the development of new strains of the virus requires us to take more precautions than usual and knowing how to wear double mask and how to use double mask is important especially since there has been studies made that support the effectiveness of the Double Masks by the CDC provided that we follow the right way to wear double mask.

The right way to wear double masks requires you to use a cloth mask and a 3 ply surgical mask wherein you wear the cloth mask over the surgical mask. This is because when you wear masks 

And when you  follow the  right way to wear double masks you ensure that both these are followed and that there are no gaps for air or aerosol to enter to leave the mask. Thus it is important for one to know how to use double mask.

How To Use Double Masks?

Right Way To Wear Double Mask

You saw how the cloth mask would go over the surgical mask in the double mask guidelines. There is a reason for this order of wearing the double masks. When a cloth mask is worn of the surgical mask as is the Right Way To Wear Double Mask, the cloth mask would not just add an extra layer of protection over the surgical mask but also curve the edges of the surgical mask towards your face and make it fit to your face. Thus, people wearing the double masks should follow the double masks guidelines and wear it in the Right Way To Wear Double Mask. you should also remember that you cannot wear two surgical masks one over the other because they do not fit. And if you are wearing a N 95 mask, there is no need for double masks as the protection offered by theN 95 mask is equal to that of a double mask.

Knotted Surgical Masks

Apart from wearing two masks with surgical masks under and a cloth mask over it, CDC also conducted an experiment for knotted surgical masks wherein the sides of the 3 ply surgical masks are knotted, this would make an otherwise loose surgical mask snuggly fit to the edges of the face and leave no gaps. To use the Knotted Surgical Masks you need to tie a knot on the ear loops of a surgical mask. You also need to tuck in the excess mask in the sides. CDC has released a YouTube video that will guide you through the process for wearing Knotted Surgical Masks. 


Fitters are also something that one can use over their masks which will fit the mask to their face. But when comparing the Knotted Surgical Masks and fitters to a double mask, the double mask does a better job of protecting people from infection because more layers would mean more protection and adding to this is the fact that double masks also provide for snug fit. Thus, even if you know how to use Knotted Surgical Masks, it would be advised that you learn how to wear double masks and the right way to wear double masks as this will come in handy. 

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