Is Google Pay Not Working?

Google Pay is something as popular as Instagram and whatsapp today. From paying for auto rides to settling your grocery bill, it makes transactions smooth and easy. So if something like Google Pay is not working, it’s going to be a significant headache. It might also lead to some embarrassing moments if your payment doesn’t get through. So here are a few reasons why Google Pay might not be working:

*Your App Isn’t Updated

In most cases, Google Pay is installed with automatic updates turned on. Sometimes this setting might be on only Wi-Fi mode. So the update might not have installed automatically. Try launching the app after connecting to a Wi-Fi network if this doesn’t work, long-press the app icon. Then tap ‘App Info’. Check if updates are turned on, If not turn it on and launch the app to download and install the update. 

*Your Card Might Not Be Listed in the Google Pay App

Ensure that your card your using has been added in the app. You can do this by going to ‘My Cards’ in the app. If the card is not added, then the payment might not go through. Also, ensure that the bank your using has been recognized by the UPI. You can do this by inquiring with your bank. Sometimes Google might have put the card on hold following suspicious activity. If that is the case, then you would have to review the activity and go through some security checks to validate the payment. 

*You Card Might Be Frozen

Your Bank could have frozen the card due to insufficient funds or other such technicalities. If that is the case, you will have to contact your bank to get it sorted out. This can also happen if you exceed the limit allowed per day. This varies based on your region. E.g., in India, the daily limit per account is Rs.1,00,000. So contact your bank to know what the problem is.

Methods to fix Google Pay if it is not working

  1. Makes sure the app is up to date

  2. Make sure your card is listed in the Google Pay app.

  3. Ensure that your card isn’t frozen.

If it is not working due to Google Pay Payment method

If google pay is not working dude to a payment method, you can use this link. Log in through your Google account and provide all the required information. Then ensure that your address and payment methods are correctly listed./

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