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What Is Youtube Vanced ?

YouTube is an app that all are familiar with. But as to what is YouTube vanced ? That is something not all are familiar with. YouTube vanced is actually an advanced version of YouTube. YouTube Vanced is an app that helps the users by ad blocking, background playback and with many more features. Since this is not the actual app and is an advanced or rather modded version of the app manyare not sure about Is Youtube Vanced Safe. and thus questions like Is Youtube Vanced Safe and is it safe to use YouTube Vanced arise. It is the quality of not being the actual app that results in the rise of the question Is Youtube Vanced Safe.

 Is Youtube Vanced Safe?

Many have been posting across various social media networks to know  Is Youtube Vanced Safe. In fact with regard to the app YouTube Vanced the most asked question is  Is Youtube Vanced Safe. Well the Youtube Vanced is Safe if downloaded from the official website. But if the Youtube Vanced is not downloaded from the official app there are chances that your device might be disrupted and issues might occur in your device. But as long as you download Youtube Vanced from the official app it is safe and your device should be safe. Thus if you are wondering  Is Youtube Vanced Safe, it is safe if you download from the official website.

Youtube Vanced Features

Many wonder about the YouTube vanced app because of the features that it offers which makes it advanced when compared to YouTube

  • No advertisements

  • To zoom pinch the screen – this applies for all device

  • Themes – white and dark

  • You can play videos in the background

  • Automatically replaying the video without having to manually press

  • You can set the speed of playback you prefer.

Is It Safe To Use Youtube Vanced?

As stated earlier it is safe to use YouTube vanced as long as it is downloaded from the official website. But when there is the actual app YouTube that gives almost all the features of this app except for ad blockers and a few other features it would always be safer to use the original app though YouTUbe Vanced is also safe. But YouTube is the original and is much safer and one can use YouTube with no qualms about if this is safe or not. 

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