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Netflix is the most popular streaming service in the United States, and scammers often target its users. A new phishing scam is circulating that claims to offer victims a free one-year subscription to the service. Unlike some previous Netflix phishing scams, this one is carried out through text rather than email. A rise in fraudulent text messages tempting people to claim their free year of Netflix streaming has been confirmed by the Better Business Bureau. The message is as follows: “Netflix is giving everyone a free year of service to help you stay at home due to the pandemic. To sign up, go to this page.” Let’s hope you read this before clicking something if you’ve got one of these fake Netflix phishing emails. Is there a one-year free trial on Netflix? How can I tell if an email from Netflix is a scam? Is Netflix giving a free year subscription? Read furthermore.

Is Netflix giving a free year subscription?

No, Netflix does not have one-year free trials. If you receive an email offering one of these promotions, it is a scam, and you should not participate. Scammers seem to have resurrected the bogus “Netflix one year free” deal that has circulated at different times over the past few years in recent weeks. A free year of Netflix sounds awesome for any streaming fan, particularly because the service recently revealed that it will be raising prices again, but we’re here to tell you that Netflix no longer offers free trials, so these offers are almost definitely part to steal your money and details.

Is the Netflix Free Trial Still Exists?

Netflix used to sell a 30-day free trial to new users, but the service was discontinued in October. Netflix does not currently provide any free trial offers, but a spokeswoman for the company says they are looking at “different marketing promotions in the United States to target new users and provide them with a better Netflix experience.” 

What is Netflix free one year subscription Scam?

The Netflix free year scam comes in a few different forms. Users receive an email in one version informing them that they have been “picked from thousands” to receive a free year of Netflix, and they are encouraged to provide their information to claim the bid. You can not do this: clicking on the email links and filling out the form would almost certainly result in your personal information being stolen. Another variation of the scam uses Google Calendar invites to entice victims to complete a survey in exchange for “Free Netflix for a Year”. When you click the survey page, you’ll be taken to a phishing website where your Netflix account information and, eventually, your credit card information will be stolen. Again, don’t click on the connection or provide any additional information, instead of delete the email and go about your business. You can adjust a setting in Google Calendar to completely avoid this variant of the scam. Click “Event Settings” in your Google Calendar settings, then “Automatically Add Invitations” from the dropdown menu. Set it to “No, just display invitations to which I have replied.” Also, make sure the box labeled “Show declined events” is unchecked; this will ensure that Google Calendar blocks spam events you’ve declined.

How to Spot Fake Netflix Emails and Scams?

Subscribers will never be asked to enter personal information in a text or email, according to the Netflix Help Center. Additionally, the company would never ask for payment through a third-party vendor or website, such as PayPal. “Don’t tap or click it” if you see a suspicious email in your inbox. If you haven’t already done so, don’t enter any details on the page that appears,” Netflix advises. Instead, send the email to [email protected], and Netflix will investigate. If you accidentally click a phishing link or enter personal details, you can still protect yourself by changing your Netflix password, contacting your bank or financial institution, and modifying passwords on any websites that use the same email and password combination.

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