When is TikTok Shutting Down?

TikTok, a 15 seconds Chinese video-sharing platform that took the world by storm is in deep trouble these days. The TikTok app was first banned in India because there were serious allegations on the TikTok that it shares users data with the Chinese Government. After few days, US President has also banned TitTok App and said that if the TikTok app does not make a deal with American Company till 12th of November regarding the Data storing of the users. The America will permanently ban the TikTok App.

There is some serious tough time for the TikTok as the United Kingdom and now Pakistan has also banned the app due to promotion of ‘Immoral and Indecent’ Content.

Is TikTok Really Shutting Down?

The answer to this question is No. The news about TikTok Shutting Down is still a rumour. According to some current reports, There is a rumour that ByteDance will own 80%, Oracle will own 12.5%, and Walmart will own 7.5% of TikTok Global Company.

In India, Tiktok is in talks with many local companies like Airtel and Jio. So, that the users Data will remain in the Country and hopefully they can impress the Indian Government and get out of the ban.

In other country, Like The UK and The Pakistan, TikTok is in talk with the respective Government and trying to filter the content as much as they can.

When is TikTok Shutting Down 2020?

TikTok is not Shutting Down in 2020. The Higher Authorities of the company is in the talks with the Government and trying to figure out some way to get out of this tough time.

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