What Are The Best Scooty For Ladies Beginners?

Scooty formerly known as scooter was initially targeted at male customers but when it was understood that this product was more popular amongst the female population the companies producing scooter decided to tweak their product and make it more women oriented. This was especially seen in the case of Indiabut even before that Scooties was in production and demand across the globe. In fact Moped, a small motorcycle that had the appearance of a bicycle with pedals and engine is generally considered the first ever scooter. This was soon developed and enhanced to make it more efficient and effective. A similar growth is seen in India as well whose TVS Moped was well known and widely. TVS was also one of the first in India to modify Scooter to make it more women oriented  – Scooty. They had conducted a study that enabled them to understand the market for scooters which they found to be predominantly women. This resulted in the company focusing on preparing models of scooter for women. This was back in the late 1900’s today women not just ride scooties they have progressed to ride bikes, cars and other automotives. 

What Are Some Best Scooty For Beginners?

Scooties in general are lightweight and meant for physiques that cannot handle heavy weight.  Scooties have a number of advantages that makes it worth it to choose them over bikes. Scooters are generally ideal for short rides. Their structure and machinery is best suited for shorter distances. They have an ease in maneuvering and have the ability to have quick acceleration. Unlike bikes which need more effort on part of the riders. The general belief is that bikes have better design but Scooties are not far behind with the manufacturers aiming to please the customers aesthetically as well. This has resulted in them making better models of scooties in terms of designs as well. Scooties are more convenient because of their lightweight quality and gearless operation that make it ideal for all in the family. Similarly scooties also have ample storage space be it in from where we keep our legs or beneath the seat. All these make scooties ideal for all, be it women or men.

Best Scooty For Girls – Brands

There are a number of brands that are producing scooties for women and all these brands are competing with one another in producing better quality scooties for women. Some of the major brands that are available in India that produce scooties for women are listed below

1. Honda

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd is a subsidiary of Honda Motor Company Ltd, Japan. This is the only Honda’s subsidiary that specialises in two wheelers that is present in India. But despite being a fairly young participant in the market they have been giving stellar performances and products. Their first model was the Activa which came in 2001 is still considered one of the best scooters ever made in India. Even today this model Activa is a favourite amongst all. Over the span of years they have expanded their sales and services to the customers. Almost 20 years later they are still standing tall in the two wheeler market. Honda not just specialises in scooties they have their own range of motorbikes that has its own fan base.  

2. TVS

TVS is one of the first motor companies that understood the needs of the customers completely. TVS Motor is a n Indian company established in the 1970’s. The company today is the third largest two wheeler company in India. They were one of the first Indian companies in India to modify the scooter that was initially meant for men and make it more accessible and feasible to women. They also comprehended that despite women being the major consumers of scooters not many were buying it. This propelled them to take steps that pushed these women to buy scooties. They began conducting riding classes for women and at the end of these classes majority of the women bought a TVS scooty. This was both a service rendered by them as well as a campaign for their product. All these are the reason why today TVS is standing third in the two wheeler production. 

3. Hero MotoCorp

Hero MotoCorp is yet another motor company that was established in India in the 1980’s. Initially Hero MotoCorp collaborated with the Japan based company Honda. This was one of the most successful joint ventures ever in India. But in 2010 it was decided that they would end this collaboration and decided to dissolve this partnership. But even after becoming a separate entity they have managed to remain one of the best in the two wheeler industry. Their claim is that their vision ‘Be the Future of Mobility’ is what propelled them to reach these heights.They believed in ‘Manufacturing Happiness’, wherein there is a complete harmony between man, machine and nature.  

4. Suzuki

Suzuki Motorcycle India Pvt Ltd is a subsidiary of the Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan. Both these companies work based on their philosophy ‘value Packed Products’. Just like Honda  Suzuki, they are the only subsidiary of the company that specialises in two wheelers that is present in India. They ensure that the two wheeler that they produce are best suited for the Indian customers and design products to fit the needs and physique of Indian customers. From the inception of a two wheeler they input care and dedication to ensure that the outcome supersedes all other competitors. 

5. Vespa

Vespa is actually the name of the scooter that was manufactured by an Italian manufacturer Piaggio. But the name became so popular across the world that Vespa in itself became the brand name of that scooty and not many are aware of the actual manufacturers behind the production of this hit scooty series. Vespa was for the first time produced in 1946 and presented to the public in Rome. They went on to produce a number of models, all with the brand name Vespa. Despite being an Italian based scooty it garnered a huge fan base in India. The lightweight, the quirky colours and design made it a great scooty for all who desired to ride a scooty. This is also a great scooty for beginners.  

Best Scooty For Ladies Beginners

Listed below are some of the latest scooties for ladies who are just beginning their riding adventures along with all the details regarding the scooty. The details will be listed in tables making it easier for all those vying customers to make a comparative study of these scooties and decide which is best based on their needs.

TVS Scooty Pep +

Engine 87.8cc Single Cylinder, Air-cooled Engine
Maximum Power 5.36 Hp at 6,500 RPM
Peak Torque 6.5 Nm at 4,000 RPM
Mileage 65 KMPL (Approx)
Kerb Weight  95 KG

 Yamaha RAY Z

Engine 113 cc air-cooled, single-cylinder, 2-valve, engine.
Maximum Power 7.2 Ps at 7,500 RPM
Peak Torque 8.1 Nm  at 5000 rpm  
Mileage   61 KMPL (Approx) 
Kerb Weight  104 

Honda Activa i

Engine 109 cc single-cylinder, fan-cooled, 4-stroke, engine
Maximum Power 8 Bhp at 7,000 RPM
Peak Torque 8.94 Nm at 5500 rpm
Mileage 58 KMPL (Approx) 
Kerb Weight  103 kg     

  TVS Jupiter BS6

Engine 109cc 4 Stroke,Single cylinder,Air Cooled
Maximum Power 7.37 hp at 7,000 RPM
Peak Torque 8.4 NM at 5,500 RPM
Mileage 56 KMPL (Approx) 
Kerb Weight  109 kg     

Honda Dio BS6

Engine 109.19 cc, Fan Cooled, 4 Stroke
Maximum Power 7.65 bhp at 8,000 Rpm
Peak Torque 9 Nm at 4,750 RPM
Mileage 49 KMPL (Approx) 
Kerb Weight  105 kg     

Vespa ZX 125

Engine 125 cc, single cylinder, four stroke engine
Maximum Power 9.76 bhp at 7,500 rpm
Peak Torque 10.6 Nm at 6,000 rpm
Mileage 52 KMPL (Approx) 
Kerb Weight  114 kg     

Honda Activa 6G 

Engine 109.51cc four-stroke, Fan Cooled BS-6 engine
Maximum Power 7.7 Hp at 8,000 RPM
Peak Torque 8.79 Nm at 5,250 RPM
Mileage 50 – 60 KMPL (Approx) 
Kerb Weight  107 kg     

Hero Pleasure Plus BS6 

Engine 110.9cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine
Maximum Power 8 BHP at 7,000 RPM
Peak Torque 8.7 Nm @ 5000
Mileage 63 KMPL (Approx) 
Kerb Weight  104 kg     

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