Most Expensive Phone In The World

There are multiple brands and companies selling phones which are used by people in their day to day life. But there are also some brands which manufacture the Most Expensive Phone In The World. Brands like Caviar are well known for manufacturing premium luxury smartphones with Sapphire, Gold, Diamonds, and super-premium metals. So which do you think is the Most Expensive Phone In The World? Based on the price, here is the ranking of the Most Expensive Phone In The World. Find which phone ranks at the top.

Which Is The Most Expensive Phone In The World?

All the smartphone lovers who are curious to find out the most expensive phone can scroll down the page and get all the answers. A list of all the luxury high-end, most expensive smartphones in the world is given below. If you think that Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra that costs Rs. 1,00,000+ is one of the most expensive phones, then you should take a look at the Most Expensive Phone In The World that has gold finishing and diamond implants. If you are planning to own the Most Expensive Phone In The World, then check below.

As per the ranking, Diamond Crypto Smartphone is the most expensive phone in world.

Ranking Most Expensive Phone In World
1 Diamond Crypto Smartphone
2 Goldvish Le Million
3 Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot
4 Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Pure Gold
5 Galaxy S21 Ultra

The Most Expensive Phone

As per the ranking, among all the phones, the one which ranks at the top of the list is Diamond Crypto Smartphone. The rarity and precious gems used in these phones make them expensive than their specifications and performance. The richest and most powerful billionaires of the world are the ones who can easily own these expensive phones without a second thought. 

Diamond Crypto Smartphone is the most expensive phones in the world and is priced at Rs 9.3 crore. It has been manufactured by a Russian firm called JSC Ancort in collaboration with an Austrian jeweler Peter Alisson. The phone is covered in 18-carat pure gold along and has 50 diamonds on its edges with five blue diamonds on each edge. It has a platinum body and its navigation keys and logo have 18-carat gold. The phone features high levels of local encryption as it was mainly built for Russian tycoons for security purpose. The Most Expensive Phone In The World has been provided, along with full details.

Other Most Expensive Phone In World 2021

  • Caviar iPhone 12 Pro: It is another most expensive phones priced at $122,000, which is around Rs. 90 lakhs. Only 7 limited editions of the phone are manufactured and the taxes and duties levied on it is also very high.

  • Samsung S21 ultra: The next expensive phone is Samsung S21 ultra that is made of titanium and features a 3-dimensional ox’s head of gold with a huge nose ring. It also has two shiny diamonds and is priced at $20,000 or Rs. 14.5 lakhs. 

  • Goldvish Le Million: It is another super expensive phone built by a Swedish company ‘Goldvish’ and costs Rs 7.7 crore. In 2006, this phone was officially announced by Guinness as the most expensive phone in the world. Only three pieces of this smartphone have been ever made as it has an 18-carat gold body, embellished with 1,20000 diamond pieces and a genuine leatherback.

  • Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot: It costs 7.1 crores and has a more elite and modern appearance.It has black diamonds weighing 45.5 carats with an frame of 180 grams of gold.

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