What is Snip and Sketch?

Snip and Sketch is a Windows 10 app that was released in October 2018 as part of the October 2018 update. The program allows you to take screenshots and edit them using a variety of tools. Snips is the name given to the screenshots. You can save the entire screen, an app window, or just a portion of the screen using this tool. The app can also be used to modify screenshots that you’ve taken with the various features in the tool. It is also quite easy to use given its simple user interface.

How to rotate Ruler in Snip and Sketch?

In certain cases, you might want to employ Snip & Sketch’s virtual ruler and virtual protractor. For example, if you want to measure anything, draw straight lines, or measure angles, you can use this tool. To use the ruler, go to the top menu and click or press the Ruler button. A virtual ruler should appear in the centre of the Snip & Sketch window. Drag the ruler around with your mouse, finger, or pen to move it. Additionally, you can rotate the ruler by using the mouse scroll wheel or two fingers. If you need to utilize the protractor, go back to the menu and click or press the Ruler button again. Choose Protractor from the menu that appears, and the virtual protractor tool should appear.

How to take a Screenshot or load an Image in Snip and Sketch?

To use Snip & Sketch to take a screenshot or an image, you must first snap a screenshot or open the image you wish to utilize. Use the New button to create a screenshot with Snip & Sketch. If you want to edit any other image on your Windows 10 PC, click or press the Open File button and choose the image you wish to work with. It’s worth noting that the Open File icon resembles a little folder. After you’ve taken a screenshot or opened an image in Snip & Sketch, it appears in the window’s content area. Snip & Sketch can be used to edit and annotate a screenshot or image.

How to turn on touch-based inputs in Snip & Sketch?

The Snip & Sketch app’s top menu allows you to choose the sort of input you want. You can select to use touch input in Snip & Sketch if you have a tablet or 2-in-1 device with a screen that supports it. Owners of Surface devices, for example, will like this functionality. To switch between mouse and touch input, click or tap the highlighted Touch Writing button. With this button enabled, you can use touch-based inputs.

How to select the type of pen to use?

You can use three different types of pens with Snip & Sketch: ballpoint pen, pencil, and highlighter. You can select your preferred option by clicking or touching on their buttons in the top menu. Because their emblems mimic real-life pens, it’s easy to tell which is which. A small dark line under the pen’s button indicates the type of pen that is now selected.

How to select the colour and size of the pen?

You can also pick the colour and size of the pen that you like. Right-click or tap and hold the pen you’re using to do so. Snip & Sketch should then provide a window with numerous colour options and a slider for selecting the pen size at the bottom. To change the size of the pen, click or press the colour you want and drag the slider to the left or right.

How to save, copy and share edited screenshots?

Save as, Copy and Share buttons are now available on the top menu of the Snip & Sketch app. If you wish to save your altered screenshot or image, go to File > Save As, give the file a name, and save it somewhere on your computer. Remember to save the file in the Save As window. Click or tap on Copy to copy the altered screenshot or image to your clipboard. If you wish to share the altered screenshot or image with someone else, pick who or where you want to share it by clicking or tapping Share.

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