Oops! This police officer had no idea that a hidden camera was watching him.

He would probably have behaved differently had he known this…

It is human nature to behave differently when alone. There are things that you prefer to do alone when no one is watching you. Whether it’s an embarrassing habit, a secret, or a fart, there are times when you don’t want anyone watching.

This police officer thought he was all alone in the elevator, but he hadn’t considered the hidden camera. This camera captured everything that happened, so now we know a big secret of his. 

Deputy Tony Scherb

The police officer in question, Deputy Tony Scherb, had been working at the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office in the United States for 29 years when the camera exposed his secret . According to his colleagues, Tony was very surly and strict, but he was also known for his professionalism.

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No one had ever seen this side of Tony. In the decades he’d worked at the Sheriff’s Office, he’d been good at hiding this side of himself. But everything changed on that particular day. He wasn’t aware there was a hidden camera in the elevator.

In the elevator

It was Tony’s last day of work. After nearly three decades of service to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, it was time to retire. Tony had already said goodbye to his colleagues and was about to go home. All that stood between him and his pension were a couple of floors.

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Tony got into the elevator to go down. He was very much looking forward to the freedom that comes with a well-deserved retirement. Little did he know that the hidden camera was watching him closely. It wouldn’t be long before the entire Sheriff’s Office would find out about his secret…


Tony was very close to retirement after three decades of service. The veteran was one of El Paso’s longest-serving officers. In all those years he had made quite a name for himself: he was known as one of the best. Throughout his career, Tony had primarily worked as a traffic police officer.

During his shifts, Tony often sat in the car with a partner, which forced him to suppress his the secret side of him. He had hidden it so well that his colleaguescouldn’t  believe their eyes once they saw the images from the hidden camera in the elevator…


All those years Tony had held back. There was a certain side to him that he had never shown to anyone. Because Tony valued professionalism so highly, he thought it was important to suppress these kinds of traits. He stood for something. This wasn’t part of that!

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