Ooredoo Supernet Wireless Location Unlock

What is Supernet Wireless? Supernet Wireless provides your home with a secure and efficient internet connection. You can have a better internet experience with your family by remaining within your budget by browsing, watching, and downloading. It allows you to connect your computer, television, smartphones, and other smart devices to Ooredoo 4G plus through seamless WiFi access from anywhere in your home. This is a simple plug-and-play solution that does not require any wiring or cabling.

How Can I Log in to Supernet Wireless?

You can easily log in to Supernet Wireless with a different account, follow the below easy steps.

  • Enter wireless.ooredoo.com.mm

  • Sign In and add a phone number that includes the router, Click send OTP.

  • Fill in the OTP code.

  • Click Proceed button.

  • You will update your profile.

What are the Steps/Process After I Bought the Supernet Wireless?

To start using the Supernet Wireless Router at your home, please follow below steps:

  • Connect the router’s power adapter to an outlet and switch it on.

  • Wait until the network indicator light turns blue before continuing.

  • Connect your router to your device. On the bottom of the router, you’ll find the device’s name (SSID) and the WiFi key.

  • Go to your browser and type http://wireless.ooredoo.com.mm into the address bar.

  • You’ll see information about the individual and the product.

  • After clicking to activate/confirm, you can begin using your Supernet router to access the internet.

Ooredoo Supernet Wireless Location Unlock

If you want to unlock Supernet Wireless Router, below easy steps to follow;

  • Supernet Wireless Router’s power is turned on.

  • Supernet Wi-Fi can be used to connect the mobile device.

  • Make certain the GPS is switched on.

  • The link to wireless.ooredoo.com.mm will be sent to you via SMS.

  • Click the Proceed button after adjusting your position.

  • An effective confirmation SMS will be sent to you.

How Many Times Can I Change the Location?

You must verify service availability in the new location if you change locations. You can register the address and continue to use Supernet Wireless if Supernet service is available.

What Will Happen If I Use Supernet in a New Location?

You will be notified by SMS that you have left your registered venue. You should search for service availability in the new place where you moved and register for Supernet internet service. To verify the location and availability of the Supernet service, go to wireless.ooredoo.com.mm.

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