National Girl Child Day 2021

National Girl Child Day Celebration, was initiated in the year 2008 to end the violence happening against the Girl Children in the Universe and cherish the existence of those Angels in Disguise. The Girl child tends to face various problems in life, especially in India, the poor Girl Child is destined to face specific issues right from their birth till their death. To a greater extent, the parents kill the Girl Child in their womb, if they happened to know that the baby is a girl. Many cruel and cunning accusations have happened and to put an end to those cruelties and to secure the Girl Child the National Girl Child Day was initiated. National Girl Child Day was celebrated on the 24th of January each year. The day is celebrated to raise the Girl Child population rates in the World. The day to cherish and empower the most precious creatures in the World. The National Girl Child Day is celebrated to create awareness about the importance of Girl Child in even in the country’s rural areas and put an end to the stereotypical mindset of the parents in India. The common taboo fixed on the Girl Child is that they are the Extra Burden For the Parents as they have to spend money on their Puberty and for their Marriage and so on. But they never understand the real value of the Girl Child who is Loving, Caring, Helping, affectionate in nature and more potential than a man. By condemning, they suppress the inborn talent of the Girl Child, as they become the voiceless creatures of this World of Chaos. Scroll down to get the Meaningful Quotes on National Girl Child Day, Quotes To Empower Girls and more Girl Child Day Pictures.

Quotes on National Girl Child Day

The Meaningful Quotes on the National Girl Child Day will help you to get the specialised and personalised feel of possessing a girl child in the World. Cherish the value of the Girl child and break the Subalterninty of Women in the World. Let us unite to make the Women of the World shine with her distinctive talent and make her voice out with brave and confidence by breaking their fear and dependency. Scroll down to get some of National Girl Child Day Pictures along with meaningful Quotes,

“A World Without A Girl Is As Impossible As The World Without Water”


“Adore Her Smile, Cherish Her Hugs, Admire Her Heart, But Most Of All Love That She Is Your Daughter”


“From The Moment Thet Your Baby Girl arrives Everything Changes. She Makes Your World Grow Bigger and Your Heart Fuller with Contentment And Life Simply Becomes More Meaningful Because She Is In It”


Thus these adorable images will create a deeper impact into your minds and began to cherish and pamper the girl child of your house and make them shine in all field despite all the obstacles of this stereotypical society.

Quotes To Empower Girls

Quotes to empower girls will, motivate the Woman with the weaker heart and help her face the World with new dreams and determination. Like the Maya Angelou’s famous quotes “There Is No Great Agony Than Bearing An Untold Story Inside You”. So be strong and try to voice out either your pain or desires; it will help you shine in front of the one who suppressed you. The following quotes will help you gain self-confidence and help you achieve success in life.

“Above All Shine Like The Conquerer Of Your Life Not The Victim”


“Think Like A Queen, A Queen Is Not Afraid To Face The Failure, As, Failure Is Not The Stumbling Block In The Path Of Your Success”


“You May Kill Me With Your Hatred, But Still Like Air I’ll Rise” – Maya Angelou


Thus give an in-depth glance in the article prudently to get all the essential information on National Girls Day 2021. And Read the quotes in the images, cherish yourself and get motivated to shine in the external world. Follow us consistently to get all updates about the National Days of 2021.

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