Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

Although all the flowers look beautiful aesthetically, they smell and look unique based on the flowers’ characteristics. The factors that affect the flowers’ features are based on the climate, soil, and various other hybrid methods that naturally make each flower look the best. Some of the most beautiful flowers in the world include,

Top 10 Most Beautiful And Rare Flowers In The World

Black Bat Flower

As the name suggests, the Black Bat flower is black and called Tacca chantrieri, which can be found in South-East Asian countries. Black Bat Flower has petals that look like a bat and are stark black. They need a huge amount of water and humidity to survive and have whiskers like cats that grow up to 28 inches in length.

Parrot’s Beak

Parrot’s Beak is a rare flower known as “Lotus berthelotii”, and extinct or scarce floral species was first found in New Zealand. Due to its beak-like appearance, this flower is called as parrot’s Beak. It can grow up to six inches lengthwise and is 3 feet in width. These have soft petals in yellow, orange and red colour.

Corpse Flower

The name of the flower is called corpse flower due to the dead’s intolerable scent that comes from it. Corpse Flower can only be found in Huntington Botanical Garden, California. This flower takes 30-40 years to bloom, and the outside this flower is green, however, from inside it is dark red. It can grow up to 6 feet with a diameter of 3 feet in blooming season.

Attenborough’s Pitcher Plant

These plants can be found in deep rain forests of the Philippines and also known as “Nepenthes Attenborough.” These flowers are rare because they have stunted growth and low seed availability. The plant shape is of a pitcher which allows it to consume and gets its prey without any hindrances.

Ghost Orchid

This flower looks like a haunted flower and can be found only in Cuba and Florida’s marshy forests. This flower needs unique fungus to survive and only blooms in late June and August. They have soft white petals and the peculiar shape, which makes it a rare and beautiful flower.

Youtan Poluo

These flowers are found in China and can be found in China, Korea, US and Taiwan. These are called miniature flowers; they are of 1mm height and have a sweet-scented effervescence. It is one of the rarest flowers as it blooms after 3,000 years and is associated with Buddhist and Indian culture.

Kadapul Flower

This flower is also known as “Queen of the Night” or the “Flower from Heaven” and is found in Sri Lanka. These flowers bloom only at midnight. There has been no research that has deciphered the reason for the unusual pattern of the flower.

Jade Vine

It is also a rare flower because it is a highly endangered floral species due to the propagation difficulties and decreased natural pollinators.They look exotic looking, and blooms are also known as the “emerald vine”, which can be seen in the Philippines’ wild forests alone with a beautiful greenish turquoise colour. TIt has claw-like structures which grow up around 3 feet in length and come in a range of mint green to blue-green colours.

Rafflesia Arnoldii

These flowers can be found in low-lying rainforests and islands of Indonesia. It has a one of a kind look, with a stinky smell that attracts carrion flies and helps in pollination. With five giant petals having a whitish dots. It is unisexual in nature, it is hard for this flower to pollinate.

Yellow & Purple Lady Slippers

Yellow & Purple Lady Slippers are pretty orchids that are found mostly in Europe and the UK. It is one of the rarest  flowers due to its unique shape.They are also known as lady’s slipper.”This flower looks soft, curved structure which is mostly purple and yellow in color. A unique fungus lives on the plant that provides them nourishment and stay till adult leaves develop which is  enough to provide the needed nourishment to the plant.

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