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The most popular APK streaming app, which allows thousands of people to watch movies and TV shows. TeaTV APK is an android software for viewing movies online. It is one of the most widely used and downloaded Android apps. Teatv is the greatest choice for movie fans who want to watch HD movies and TV shows online for free on their Android device. TeaTV was recognized for its latest free movies and television shows, which customers could download and watch later. Due to legal and copyright difficulties, the site and application were taken down, forcing users to look for TeaTV alternatives. To know more about TeaTV alternative 2021 read furthermore.

Lis of Teatv Alternative

Cinema HD APK

Cinema HD APK is a little app that won’t take up much space on your Android phone. So, if you have any space issues, toss them out because Cinema APK just takes up a small amount of space on your Android smartphone to install. It is entirely free to use the app. There are no hidden charges or in-app purchases in this game. You do not need to register or sign up in order to use the app. To operate, Cinema APK does not require your phone number or email account. All you have to do now is download and run the app. To use the app, you do not need to create an ID. If you’re looking for TeaTV alternatives, you’ll find Cinema HD to be a good fit, with a quick, dependable, and massive selection of functioning streams.

Typhoon Tv

Typhoon TV apk is a free video streaming software that gives you access to internet video content such as TV shows, movies, and anime. Because you’re here, you’re probably aware of it. Let’s look at the typhoon tv app in more detail and learn everything there is to know about it. Typhoon TV has a large number of film and television show titles to choose from for a fantastic review experience. A useful home screen and a fantastic user interface are just a few of the outstanding features that best represent Typhoon TV. More importantly, Typhoon TV APK has excellent connectivity, guaranteeing that you have the finest possible viewing experience of your favorite movies and TV episodes.

Nova Tv APK

NovaTV is a modular content search tool. It scans websites that host movies and television series and can locate and return the videos housed on such sites. NovaTV, for example, may locate Avengers: Endgame or entire seasons of Breaking Bad thanks to the Modules created by our incredible community. Nova TV APK is a brand-new media web-based function that is very amazing. It offers all of the most recent movies and TV series, assuring that you will be entertained for lengthy periods of time.

Titanium Tv

Titanium TV is an online streaming service that allows you to view hundreds of movies and television series without having to waste time with other apps. It contains whole movies and serials, allowing you to view them uninterrupted. Because you can download this app anywhere on the globe, it has millions of admirers. There is numerous app on the internet, however, because of the features and updates, this app has a large number of downloaders. This software also supports numerous languages, so don’t worry if yours isn’t one of them. You can also add movies and serials to your playlist by staring at or like them. You may also access all of its premium features, which makes it more user-friendly.

Morphix Tv APK

Morphix TV is another one of the TeaTV Alternatives you should examine. In comparison to the other TeaTV choices on our list, it is a relatively new application. The name of the software suggests that it might be a clone of the well-known Morph TV APK. The software has a library of movies that may be streamed. There is no need to install any other software. Users will discover a wide range of films here, categorized into the most popular and those that are currently popular. By heading to settings, they may also personalize the user experience.

Catmouse APK

Another excellent TeaTV alternative is CatMouse APK. TeaTV Alternatives is a website that allows you to watch movies and TV shows online. This app provides unequaled survey insight thanks to a well-thought-out user interface and flawless implementation. As a result, for anyone looking for TeaTV alternatives, this is unquestionably the best option available. CatMouse is billed as the best new Terrarium TV substitute. It’s an app that allows us to view many more movies and shows than we could ever watch in a lifetime, all for free and with high-quality external links, even in 4K.

CyberFlix Tv

Following the demise of Terrarium TV, a slew of new streaming apps have emerged, but the only one that is comparable to or better than Terrarium is CyberFlix TV. It has a large library of TV shows and movies on its app, which is hosted on a server that is exceptionally fast. CyberFlix TV is completely safe and secure, and the app has no advertisements, allowing you to watch the movie without being distracted by commercials that detract from the user experience. The Cyberflix TV App distinguishes out due to its unique features and unrivaled media selection. Cyberflix TV offers a large selection of on-demand video as well as reliable streaming connections.


UnlockMyTV is an Android software that allows you to watch movies and television shows on your phone. Unlock My TV compiles all of the most recent releases from major streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime into one app. This is the app to use if you want all of the material for free. Following the demise of Showbox, this app is the only one that has survived and continues to provide the greatest material. UnlockMyTV is an Android software that allows you to watch movies and television shows on your phone. Open My TV compiles all of the most current deliveries from major providers such as Netflix and Amazon Prime into a single application.


Kodi is an Android software that allows you to watch TV shows. This app pretends to be cable television. So, as long as you have a solid internet connection, you can watch your favorite TV series, reality programs, and other shows anywhere you are using this app. iOS, Windows, macOS, tvOS, Linux, FreeBSD, and Android are all supported. Despite its resemblance to cable television, it lacks channels. To access some TV stations and other streaming sites, customers must install third-party plug-ins. Kodi is an open-source media center that allows you to access a broad range of content, including recordings and music.

Bee Tv

BeeTV is one of the most popular online streaming apps on the internet. When we compare BeeTV to its competitors, we can see that it stands out for its high-quality features. When compared to other applications, BeeTV APK has some fantastic streaming connections. BeeTV is a fantastic movie and TV show streaming application for Android devices and a few additional platforms. It has a tonne of content for your review enjoyment. BeeTV is a fantastic streaming solution for your various needs, with strong real debris integration, a simple-to-use interface, and problem-free download size.

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